The combination of tighter carbon dioxide targets and growing competitive and cost pressure, along with ever greater customer expectations. ZF's Torque Vectoring rear axle drive, which, leads to noticeable added value, both for drivers of all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive vehicles. Welcome to torque vectoring all-wheel drive. suppliers Ricardo in Britain and ZF in Germany can vector torque to all four tires simultaneously.


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BMW's to get new torque vectoring rear-axle (moving away from open rear differential)

BMW will be the first, but we have already begun zf torque vectoring to other customers and are excited by the prospects for this cooperation technology. The steering system responds more directly — with less effort and fewer required corrections.


This increases safety without restricting driving dynamics. When driving straight, the Torque Vectoring rear axle drive acts like an ordinary transmission zf torque vectoring an open differential: The drive torque is distributed equally among the drive shafts of the wheels.

Image: ZF Electric Twist BeZF Friedrichshafen AG

The advantage of this solution zf torque vectoring more complex mechanical solutions zf torque vectoring as additional multi-disc clutches, an active rear axle steering, or an active differential: The S-Class steers more precisely when cornering thanks to targeted braking intervention at the inside rear wheel.

And to help ensure that power translates into control, 4MATIC incorporates our 4-wheel Electronic Traction System 4-ETSan advance that zf torque vectoring for the first sign of wheel slip and adjusts power delivery accordingly.

By continually ensuring that power is evenly distributed among only those wheels with grip, 4MATIC can help keep the vehicle moving and under control even if only one wheel has traction.

Based on steering angle, vehicle zf torque vectoring, throttle position, and yaw rate, PTV gently applies the brake on the inside rear wheel to minimize understeer while entering corners.

The system starts to phase out above 75 mph and is completely inactive by mph. Any commercial use, including, but not limited to promotional purposes, is not permitted.


Any editing of the Content is not permitted The dissemination zf torque vectoring Content to unauthorized third parties is not permitted. Any usage that is not permitted under this Agreement may, as an exception, be permitted by ZF.

Advanced Urban Vehicle - ZF Friedrichshafen AG

In this case, please send us an e-mail, including a description of the intended use, zf torque vectoring the following address: When using Content, the rights to a name and trademark rights as well as any other property rights of ZF and its Group companies and other third parties shall not be infringed to the extent that such rights are affected by the retrieved Content.

Close Extremely maneuverable, locally emission-free, and networked with driver and environment: The technology in detail Recognized, pressed, parked: The ZF Smart Parking Assist The system assists the driver not only in recognizing suitable parking spaces, but can also park the vehicle fully automatically in zf torque vectoring or perpendicular spaces.


The parking aid obtains its information from twelve ultrasound sensors and two infrared sensors on the vehicle's front-end, rear-end, and flanks; these sensors help find zf torque vectoring suitable parking space.

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