The chart of Professor Yu Yong Nian. Last Updated on Sun, 16 Sep | Internal Strength. The descriptions that follow and the chart on page 57 will help you. Zhan Zhuang: The Art of Nourishing Life [Dr. Yong Nian Yu, Gitanjali Kurugodu, Brittany Leotaud, Yingzhu Zhang, Karim Nimri] on *FREE*. Zhan Zhuang (Chinese Edition) [Dr. Yong Nian Yu] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THIS IS THE CHINESE EDITION Zhan Zhuang, The.


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A limited edition of his second book on the application of Zhan Zhuang for health was published in Beijing in and in the same year a further book on the system was issued by Cosmos Books in Hong Kong.

Professor Yu Yong Nian never stops to research on Zhan Zhuan, even nowadays he continues to refine his theoretical works. With his scientific formation and his mastering of Chinese traditional philosophy but also with 70 yu yong nian of uninterrupted practice of Zhan Zhuan, he brings a new light yu yong nian the understanding of the essence of Internal Martial Arts through Yi Chuan healing and fighting systems.

Be not Defeated by the Rain: Death of Yiquan Grandmaster - Yu Yong Nian 于永年

After the great success of using Zhan Zhuang for therapy he has been asked to write the first treatise on Zhan Zhuang for hospitals in China. His first book was published in and has been sold more than Sent to the funeral of Professor Yu Yong Nian, 10th October It is a dark day for the association and with great sadness yu yong nian we write this news.

His funeral service will be performed within this week in Beijing. The training intensifies the circulation of blood and energy throughout your body, including those regions that have been damaged or blocked off yu yong nian it.

Tradition - Chi Kung - Energy for a Healthy Body and a Happy Mind

The pain associated with this process normally subsides after about two weeks. Some people begin to sweat profusely, depending on their own make-up and the difficulty of yu yong nian posture they have adopted.

If you reach this point and have begun to sweat, you will probably feel very comfortable afterwards. At the same time, your yu yong nian system will be stimulated and the constant undulating movements of your intestines will be stronger and quicker.

  • Tradition - Chi Kung - Energy for a Healthy Body and a Happy Mind
  • The chart of Professor Yu Yong Nian - Internal Strength
  • Passing of Grandmaster Professor Yu Yong Nian

This can produce hiccups, burping, flatulence, and stomach rumbling while you are standing. It would be wrong to try to suppress any of this: The parts of the muscles that yu yong nian normally use working muscles reach the limits of their endurance and begin to call on the remaining parts of the muscles yu yong nian muscles to help.


This is the point - the stage beyond tension — at which you begin to shake. Professor Yu Yong Nian — Born near Beijing in Februaryafter completing his initial schooling, Professor Yu was sent for specialist medical education yu yong nian Japan.

Fully trained in contemporary Yu yong nian medicine, and having qualified as a dentist, he returned to China, and began work at the Beijing Railway General Hospital.

After yu yong nian years of training, Professor Yu introduced aspects of Zhan Zhuang as treatment for internal diseases at the hospital.

His initial successes led to a major medical conference inat the Beijing Shoudong San Hospital, that introduced the Zhan Zhuang system to hospitals throughout China.

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