The geographer Yi-Fu Tuan traces the roots of this migratory tendency 'Escapism' has a somewhat negative meaning in our society and. The geographer Yi-Fu Tuan traces the roots of this migratory tendency 'Escapism' has a somewhat negative meaning in our society and. Escapism. Yi-Fu Tuan. In prehistoric times, our ancestors began building shelters and planting crops in order to escape from nature's harsh realities. Today, we.


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Tuan is chatty, engaging, unpretentious and charming. Indeed, what is the right direction? In the end, I confess that even after all that looking, I was not persuaded that all culture is escape.

Escapism - Yi-Fu Tuan - Google книги

The very same moral considerations the author points to would, I think, require that we discriminate between mere escape and authentic liberation. Two older books responded to these questions rather more directly: Both authors admirably distinguish between escapes that afford authentic yi fu tuan escapism and genuine pleasure -- reading a good book, for example -- and those mere diversions that simply distract us from our workaday world, like building a garage on our day off.

Much of the human story can be told as one of migration. People move a short distance to a better hunting ground, richer soil, better economic opportunity, greater yi fu tuan escapism stimulus.

Short-distance movements are likely to be periodic, their paths winding back on themselves with changing circumstance.

Over the years such movements become habit, their circuits habitat.

Long-distance migrations, by contrast, are likely to be in one direction and permanent. A certain epic grandeur attaches to them, for migrants must be willing to take steps that make life even more difficult than it already is in yi fu tuan escapism hope of future felicity.

Before people make a risky move, they must have information about their destination point. What kinds of information are available? Is reality so constraining and unbearable at home that it becomes the seedbed for wild longings and images?

A great modern epic of migration is the spread of Europeans to the New World. The United States of America yi fu tuan escapism itself a land of immigrants.


It also finds release and relief in bringing yi fu tuan escapism local change. The circumstance one wishes to change — to escape from — can be social, political, or economic; it can be a run-down urban neighborhood or a ravaged countryside.

And it can be nature. In telling a human story, we may start at any point in time, but if we go back far enough we necessarily have nature, untouched nature, as stage: Then humans enter, and our story begins. Yi fu tuan escapism attitude to nature was and is understandably ambivalent.

We will have to assess, evaluate and discriminate. There is no escaping that.

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