Application note explains how to implement a (satellite/subwoofer) audio Figure 4 shows the circuit to achieve a highpass filter with f0 = Hz for unity. Bass Booster Circuit For BASS Increase For Music Player Using IC Bass Booster Circuit For BASS Increase For Music Player Using IC Works With Any Amplifier Circuit Or Any Audio Source. ICD is used to make this Circuit Which is Dual Op-Amp IC. This subwoofer active filter circuit is a 24 dB octave filter with a Bessel character and cutoff frequency of Hz. So, if you are interested in.


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The network is a 1st order low-pass filter with variable input P1 and presettable cut-off frequency P2. Voltage divider R1-R2-P1 is designed for use with the woofer circuit signal of an average output amplifier of around d 50 W.


March 28, 0 Share on Tumblr To drive high power subwoofer loud speaker we need power Amplifier then only we can get perfect bass sound from the input audio signal.

By changing the variable resistor we can change the volume of the subwoofer of td IN diode is used to avoid interchange of polarity of IC to avoid from burning woofer circuit two capacitors C7 and C6 are used to eliminate the noises present in the power supply.

So, if you watch an action movie without a subwoofer, you miss woofer circuit most of the sound effects.

Advertisement In brief, in order to enjoy Dolby Digital format movies, one needs three extra speakers and woofer circuit amplifiers apart from stereo system. Getting extra speakers at affordable price is not a problem, but it is not the case with add-on amplifier for a woofer circuit or bridged mono system.


The woofer circuit described in the article provides two 15W RMS power amplifier channels, with low distortion noise and a good frequency response.

To get a better practical knowledge in the woofer circuit you can buy these books from here: Circuit diagram with Parts list.

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