WISC III/IV/V INTELLIGENCE SCALE Picture Arrangement TEST FOR WAIS/WECHSLER WISC. Original complete picture arrangement box with detailed numbered pictures. These are 3x3 cardboard cards with different images on them in 15 categories (sample picture + numbered) for a total of. El WISC III incluye cambios en los materiales de los test y en los procedimientos para la administración, para que la experiencia resulte mas interesante para. Administración Escala WISC-III. Parte 1. Instrumentos de Exploración Psicológica I - UNMdP. Loading.


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Some evidence from geo-statistical studies reflect that the distribution of learning disorders and other health outcomes, coincides with the historical presence of significant sources of heavy metals and contextual factors such as low quality of housing, poverty, low educational attainment of the parents and other factors associated with the neighborhood Govarts et al.

This issue of environmental injustice has been documented wisc iii chile the world in many different countries ClaudioCutter The waste was collected and abandoned in an urban area of the city. Approximately 15, people were exposed, and the majority were low-income families.

An analysis of the composition of the sludge showed high concentrations of heavy metals, including arsenic, cadmium, copper and lead FigueroaTchernitchin et al. Lead exposure received more attention because it had wisc iii chile proven to have negative effects on child development BellingerJusko et al.

wisc iii chile

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Inthe local authority of Ministry of Health measured blood lead levels to 3, children under 14 years of age. The results showed that 3.


After these studies were conducted, the waste disposal site was removed wisc iii chile the urban area in late wisc iii chile The local authority of Ministry of Health took actions to reduce the dispersion of residual dust, by cleaning the roofs of the houses and decontaminating others locations in the city Tchernitchin et al.

Ina program was implemented to monitor the lead and arsenic concentrations in the bodies of the wisc iii chile living in contaminated areas. Inof these children participated in a cross-sectional study that sought to assess the relationship between the current lead and arsenic concentrations and their total intellectual quotient and no association was found Iglesias et al.


However, the effect of being born in different remediation periods was not assessed. The underlying hypothesis is that the population was affected by an environmental intervention process that lasted for wisc iii chile a decade and that could have resulted in decreasing exposure levels due to the remediation of the concerned site.

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Researchers assume that if the waste disposal was removed in and wisc iii chile abatement measures were effective over time, children born after that key date must have had lower exposure compared to wisc iii chile who were born and lived in this area before To assess this, the present study aims to determine whether or not children who lived near the waste disposal site during early childhood experienced negative effects on their cognitive development as measured by comparing the intellectual quotient score between three cohorts born in different remediation periods.

Materials and methods Area of study Arica is located on the extreme north of Chile.

It has an area of 8, The poverty rate is below the national wisc iii chile 8. However, there is a higher level wisc iii chile precarious housing The average level of education is Study Design Population, and Sample Selection Between November and Marcha cross-sectional study was conducted using a sample of children from the city of Arica.


Don's research focuses on personality, intelligence, individual differences and psychological assessment. He has published more than journal articles, book chapters and books. He oversees a department of professionals and is responsible for all research and test development activities related to the company's psychological, educational, speech, language, and occupational therapy assessment products as well as post college admissions tests.

He also advises on test development activities for the company's international business partners around the globe including Pearson Clinical Assessment offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Wisc iii chile, China, Spain, wisc iii chile Brazil.

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