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Winq magazine Fashion is Always in Style as an outlet of my thoughts and my views on editorials or new products. I created the winq magazine more as a way of letting my inner writer have his personal space.


I do not like taking pictures of myself in that way. S still has a dear place in my heart, but you winq magazine know maybe one day it is back with a facelift. Comparing blogs that focus on menswear, what are the biggest differences back then and today?

Back in the day the blogs which focused on winq magazine where really informing and bringing new brands to their viewers, those blogs are now websites and even have their own magazine, which I totally support and admire.

Winq Magazine Fashion Illustration Editorial Pitch

Blogs nowadays for menswear pop up everywhere with not much new elements or creativity. Exclusivity and that it-factor in the new winq magazine is a rare thing.


I think there is a movement that is clear that brands are using more the Internet and winq magazine media as the channels to reach their public. For the future I think video winq magazine between the brands and their target group will be a key factor of having an successful brand.

Then you transformed F.

First Winq magazine thought about if it would work yes or no, but eventually I started to think that I did different things in freelance so I decided to choose that name. The next morning I woke up went to the Chamber of Commerce and made winq magazine official.


It has been the best choice I winq magazine made because people understand it better. Can you share about some projects and clients you worked on?

I did a project for Stoere Vrouwen with Dutch Fashion Icon and actress Victoria Koblenko, which was my first big winq magazine and client back in and I was nervous because I wanted to do everything right and I really idolize Victoria Koblenko.

The shooting went great and the energy was amazing. The learning moments of that project was really to believe in myself. Another project was my second winq magazine for JFK Magazine.


I had to do a ten-page editorial and I made all the sets and checked everything on the model before starting shooting. The fashion director of the magazine came by the shoot that day and started to ask me all type of winq magazine about the choices I made of the sets and I replied to him that it winq magazine my vision and that it was something different and that I wanted to showcase me.

The learning moment from that project was always follow your feelings and be yourself. One of my favourites project has to be the first editorial I did for Winq Magazine back in The entire time while we were doing the shoot I wanted it to be for Winq Magazine, so we still had to winq magazine it to the magazine.

I got the number and email address of the editor and chief through a friend and called if he would be interested in the shoot.


The photographer and I waited and on Winq magazine I got an email back from the editor and chief of the magazine that he liked the editorial but he wanted to change some images and to add an extra model. We did that and that is how that took place.

Winq magazine learning moment from this project was to always try!

You were also the PR manager at Sabon? I started to work for Sabon while I was doing my studies of International Business. It was a great part time job and I loved winq magazine brand. Sabon is a winq magazine beauty product for women and men that come originally from Israel.

It specializes in natural products for body, hair, face and home products.

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