Jeff Johnson goes through several WR drills with NFL Prospects . Gold Feet Global and other top trainers show you their best WR footwork drills. Goal. Explore Todd Soppitt's board "Youth Football - WR Drills" on Pinterest. | See more See more. Wide Receiver Footwork and Ball Drills- WR David L - YouTube. Wide Receiver Footwork Drills For Better Break Releases Express your swag with awesome.


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Here are three ways you can develop quick feet: Develop Strength In Your Calf Muscles and Wide receiver footwork drills There is no other area that takes more pressure but has the responsibility to provide more quickness and explosion than the calves and ankles.

These areas have to take the full weight of your body while moving in one direction, stop it and then apply force in the opposite direction. Thus it is very important to workout these areas.

Catch, Footwork Drill

When I played in the league for 10 years I had several exercises that helped me strengthen theses areas. Stand and hold dumbbells or a weighted bar on your back.


Perform three sets of reps by standing up on your toes, pushing wide receiver footwork drills weight of your body with up with your calves. If weight is not available stand on the edge of a step, lower yourself down and push up as high as you can on your toes.

Wide Receivers: Boost Your Speed and Agility with These Drills | STACK

Sit in a chair with feet on the ground. Lift your toes up while your heels are on the ground. This develops the muscle near your wide receiver footwork drills, which is necessary wide receiver footwork drills quick feet development.

You can also lift your toes and push out and in with your foot to develop the outer part of your ankles. Get Your Nervous System In Shape Having quick feet is a combination of your brain and nervous system wanting to make a move and your fast twitch muscle fibers coordinating that movement with your body.

Three Exercises To Develop Quick Feet |

The player should sprint toward the large trash can after completing the last cone of the drill. A coach, standing behind the trash can, will direct the player to cut to the left or right of the trash can as they approach. The entire drill should be run full-speed.

It is important to note wide receiver footwork drills in this particular Miami Dolphins drill the ball-carrier is not changing the ball with each corresponding cut.

Wide Receivers: Boost Your Speed and Agility with These Drills

Some coaches preach the need to change the ball in order wide receiver footwork drills keep the ball away from pursuing defenders. However, the ball is more exposed and at-risk during the change and this drill is practicing running full-speed in tight quarters.

Accordingly, it is recommended that the ball carrier does not change the ball during the drill. Drill Set-up — Circle and Accelerate Place four cones approximately 5 yards apart in a straight line.

This drill focuses on assisting players to wide receiver footwork drills their potential to accelerate quickly. Players should run to the first cone and, while controlling their footwork, circle the cone with quick choppy steps.


Once players have fully circled the cone, they should plant their foot and explode to the next cone and repeat circling the second cone. The player should concentrate on smooth footwork while circling the cone and a burst of acceleration during the transition to the next cone. He should wide receiver footwork drills toward the large trash can after completing the last cone of the drill.

Make sure that players do not cheat this drill by stepping over a cone.

Football Wide Receiver: Catch, Footwork Drill | Football Drills & Tips Video Library | PlaySportsTV

Players will often step over a cone with their inside foot, while circling it, in an attempt to wide receiver footwork drills the drill quickly. This defeats the purpose of the drill, which is to work on footwork. The gap between each subsequent cone is 6 inches wider than the last e.

Begin in a two-point stance.

Run so that you place one foot between each set of cones. Remember wide receiver footwork drills run through the final cone. Resisted Sprints You will need a partner for this drill, which teaches you to be explosive off the line of scrimmage.

Line up facing your partner in a two-point stance.

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