I am launching Urdu/Hindi video tutorials freely. Anyone In this tutorial,students will learn very basic concepts of Web Design & Development. Web Designing Course in urdu Lecture 1 Previous Previous post: Curso de Web Design – Como escolher um curso de Web Design sem cair. Web Designers, Web Designing ka online kam bhi kerte hain or is se earn kerte hain for example or Fiverr jese or bohat say platform hain jaha ap.


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Sab se phele main ap ko starting main hi batana chahta hoo ke hum ne sab se phele Blogger ko hi kiu choose kiya hai? Web Designing ke liye main ne ap ke liye Blogger ko is liye choose kiya hai kiu ke Blogger Free hai matlab ye ke Blogger per hum Web designing course in urdu total free create kerte hain web designing course in urdu ke dosray plate farm per hum ko Websites create kerne ke liye Pay kerna perta hai or 1 Website ke liye se le ker tek ya is se bhi ziyada pay kerna perta hai isi liye main kehta hon ke blogger best hai.

Blogger per Website create kerna seekhye or ziyada se ziyada kam kijiye or upni Websites per add laga ker us se earning kijiye.

Web Designing Course in Urdu Video Free Download - ComputerPakistan

How we can earn with Website and Web Designing: Ap ne bohat si Websites dekhi hon gi or un websites per different types ke adds bhi dekhay hon ge, wo log jinhon ne wo Websites create ki hoti hain matlab web designing course in urdu jo un websites ke admin hain un ko un adds se hi earning hoti hai jitnay ziyada log un ki Website per visit kertay hain un ki earning utni hi ziyada hoti hai to is tarha se log Websites se Earn ker rehe hain.

Isi tarha or bhi bohat se tareekay hain Website se earning ke for example ap ne web designing course in urdu se E commerce ki websites dekhi hon gi ye lod websites se upni products sale bhi kerte hain or un ki advertise bhi.

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So, here is me tackling one of them. Owen Video 4 years ago Get my blueprint cheat sheet here http: In this video I'll cover the main assets to a web page including page navigation, banners, sidebar design, footer, and body page specs.

I'll include things like word count, keyword saturation, video placement, and outbound links as well web designing course in urdu links to other videos on similar topics. Don't forget to share this video with your friends who are struggling with website design!

You know, it's like well, we need to add a new page to our website.


It's like, oh great, I gotta design a whole nother page. Now it doesn't work that way, you need to be creating templates and a lot of website, website themes today support a template based system.

Complete Web Design Course

So what we do is we create a series of templates that you can now export to the rest of your pages. But it's still important that those templates. This could be like your phone number, or an email button.

You know, having those, always able to contact me, buttons, I think is a good web designing course in urdu. Up here you've got your navigation tabs. Now, when I first started in this, it was kind of like the thinking that you should have seven navigation tabs.

I don't agree with that anymore. I think that you need to have like four or five, tops, and they need to be very simple. Every single one of them should be directed at converting a viewer to sale.

So you don't need one of these navigation tabs to say home. Cuz typically your logo will lead you home.

You, you need it to say something like, About Us.

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