Hegel has 58 ratings and 4 reviews. Erik said: Walter Kaufmann was one of the great popularizers of western philosophy and probably best known as the for. This is the most important work Professor Kaufmann has written since his celebrated Nietzsche. Moral Obligation After the Death of God: Critical Reflections on Concerns From Immanuel Kant, G.W.F. Hegel, and Elizabeth Anscombe. [REVIEW]H. Tristram.


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The passage in the Encyclopaedia reads: The stages of this revelation are represented by different peoples, but by only one people at any one time.

Hegel, a Reinterpretation

This strange notion was adapted by Stefan George and, with the individual prophet in the place of a whole people, became part of the creed of walter kaufmann hegel Circle: This people is the dominant one in world history for this epoch — and it can be epoch-making in this sense only once.

Against this absolute right which it has to be the embodiment of the walter kaufmann hegel stage of development of the world spirit, the spirits of the other peoples have no right, and they, even as those whose epoch has passed, do not any longer count in world history.


We are also aware of ambiguities in the conception of a Volk or nation and should not apply such terms to the carriers of Greek or Roman civilization. We understand the flowering of walter kaufmann hegel philosophy in terms of the interaction of Jews, Muslims, and Christians walter kaufmann hegel a Greek background, and should not care to say who in that epoch represented the world spirit.

Some of us have even lost all belief in a world spirit.

See chapter 19, section 5, below. With the exception of entirely isolated communities, no unit can be understood completely without reference to others. But any unit whatever, whether it be Western civilization, France, Athens, or the Burlington Railroad, can be made the object of a historical walter kaufmann hegel.

HEGEL by Walter Kaufmann | Kirkus Reviews

In each instance, one will introduce other units as sparingly as possible and only to throw light on the history of the unit under consideration.

But here he was at one with almost all of his contemporaries and predecessors who were also under the influence of the Bible. For it is from the Bible that the Walter kaufmann hegel idea that history has a single beginning and moves along a walter kaufmann hegel track toward a single goal received its impetus and sanction.

Today we are apt to be more agnostic about the beginning; we are bound to deny the single track; but we may once again think in walter kaufmann hegel sense of the unity of world history — a unity that is established by the present confluence of hitherto independent streams.

Hegel was not impeded by the recognition that some of the ancestors walter kaufmann hegel his own civilization had made their epoch-making contributions simultaneously. Homer may have been a contemporary of the earliest prophets; Thales and Jeremiah wrote at the same time; and Stoicism flourished while Christianity developed out of Judaism.

Elsewhere, Confucius and the Buddha were contemporaries.

Walter Arnold Kaufmann, Hegel: Reinterpretation, Texts, and Commentary - PhilPapers

A pluralistic perspective is needed, as is more respect for individual units. There is no single plan into which all data can be fitted, and Hegel was certainly something of a Procrustes. It is doubly misleading when one does not emphasize walter kaufmann hegel Hegel was walter kaufmann hegel making predictions or offering suggestions for the future but was scrupulously limiting himself to an attempt to understand the past.

Both notions are justifiable up to a point.


Some peoples have had little effect on anybody outside themselves, while the Greeks and the Jews, for example, have affected the history of the world out of all proportion to their numbers. Similarly, Socrates and Caesar might well be called world-historical personalities.

It is the rankest emotionalism when Popper writes: Thus there are no obstacles walter kaufmann hegel adopting the Leader Principles from walter kaufmann hegel arsenal of the perennial revolt against freedom, or as Hegel calls it, the idea of the World Historical Personality [pp.

Walter Kaufmann (philosopher) - Wikipedia

In any sense in which it is at all worth while, equalitarianism is entirely compatible with belief in great men. According to Popper, Hegel twists equality into inequality: But expressed in this way, it is only walter kaufmann hegel tautology; it only states in general that a legal status exists, that the laws rule.

But to be more concrete, the citizens

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