Get a Free Trial: Get Pricing Info: Ready to Buy: First you begin with extracting frames from video and frame to video. Here is the sample code in Matlab to begin with. Image and Video Processing with MATLAB. Key Take Aways. ▫ High-level language. ▫ Development environment. ▫ Technical computing platform.


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Some applications of Video Processing are: Deep Learning, which lets you train networks to classify and recognize objects in videos.

Motion Estimation methods like Optical Flow, which can be used to track cars across multiple frames. Detection and Tracking video processing matlab, which can detect objects like faces and track their location as they move through a video.


Often, we may want to import live video streams. Image Acquisition Toolbox provides a common interface through MATLAB code or an app to interact with a wide range of industrial and scientific cameras. Detecting a reference object in a cluttered scene using feature extraction and matching.

Viola-Jones object detection SVM classification with histograms of oriented gradients HOG features Image segmentation and blob analysis gradient-based, video processing matlab, and template matching approaches. The input for this tutorial is an avi file that comes with Video processing matlab Reading and getting information from video file Matlab provides an API VideoReader for reading in video and create an object that has all the information about the video.


Matlab's get gives more info: Output Let's see the output first: Code 1 Here is the code responsible for the output above: One for the input, and the other one for the processed image. The keyword of the process is "threshold".

Any pixel that has intensity lower than the threshold will be discarded and video processing matlab into black.


That's what the imextendedmax darkCar, darkCarValue is doing. We chose 50 as the threashold value and it is a little bit above the average intensity of the dark-colored car.

Video processing matlab code done not a bad job. But still we're facing two issues: In the processed image, though we removed most of the dark-colored car objects, there are some remnants of the dark car.

The lane-markings are not touched at all because their pixel video processing matlab are above the threshold. Morphological processing using imopen The term morphological is a little bit scary but we can think of it as the synonym of geometric or even "size".

YUV video processing in Matlab - Stack Overflow

Any object smaller than the certain size width OR length will be discarded. So, not only any small objects from the dark car will be removed but also the bright white colored lane marks will be gone video processing matlab to the width of the lane is smaller than the "disk".

Let's see what the "morph" has video processing matlab. Output2 - improvements Here is the result after applying the "morph": Code 2 - improvements Here is the code that produced the pictures above: The strel create morphological structuring element such as 'ball', 'square', 'line', etc.


But actually the real worker here is imopen. Here is the description from Matlab's document regarding imopen:

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