13 Types of Cement and their Uses in Concrete Construction. 13 Types of Cement and their Uses. Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) Rapid Hardening Cement. Quick setting cement. Low Heat Cement. Sulphates Resisting Cement. Blast Furnace Slag Cement.‎Portland Pozzolana · ‎Rapid Hardening Cement · ‎Low Heat Cement. Certain cement manufacturing plants only produce certain types of portland cement. What are the differences in these cement types and how are they tested. Following are the different types of cement used in construction works. 1. Rapid Hardening Cement: Rapid hardening cement is very similar to ordinary portland cement (OPC).What are the different types of cement?


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Portland Slag Cement It is special blended cement with low heat of hydration. The by-product from a blast furnace, i.

Types Of Cement and Their Uses

It is less expensive as compared to OPC. Portland slag cement has less heat of hydration as compared to OPC.


It is used in mass concrete structures like dams, water treatment plants, marine various types of cement off-shore structures. It has a high compressive strength and is more workable as compared to OPC. It attains high strength in less time and has initial and final setting time of 3. This type of cement is used where concrete structures are subjected to high temperatures like workshop, various types of cement, foundries etc.

Also, it can be used where concrete is subjected to frost action and acidic action. Courtesy - Fowlerandholden White Cement White cement is obtained by using raw materials which are free from iron oxide in the manufacturing of cement.

Lime and china clay are used in more amounts in its manufacturing. White cement has all other properties similar to an ordinary Portland cement. It various types of cement expensive as compared to OPC.

Hydrophobic cement is mainly used for the construction of water structures such dams, water tanks, spillways, water retaining structures etc. Due to the various color combinations, this cement is mainly used for interior and exterior decorative works.

Waterproof cement is prepared by mixing with ordinary or rapid hardening cement, a small percentage of some metal stearates Ca, Al, etc at the time of grinding. This cement is used for the construction of water-retaining structure like tanks, reservoirs, retaining walls, swimming pools, various types of cement, bridges, piers etc.

Portland Blast Furnace Cement: These are the top brands available in Hyderabad, India. It manufactures grey cement, ready-mix concrete RMC and white cement. It is a well-known and most trusted brand in India for its high-quality assurance.

Various Types of Cement and Their Purposes - Engineering Feed

Cement is available only in Super grade in Hyderabad. This cement is costly and best compared to other cement. Ultratech Super Cement Price Today. It is a collaboration of Vicat group, France. It produces Superior quality cement which has set new business trends in India.

Used where concrete structures are subjected various types of cement high temperatures like workshop, refractories, foundries etc And Argillaceous ones include mainly various types of cement, alumina, and oxide of iron such as clay and shale.

Types Of Cement and Their Uses In Construction - Daily Civil

Cement is manufactured in several varieties, but the most common one used is various types of cement normal setting or ordinary cement, usually called Portland cement.

These are manufactured with two or more raw materials. They have to be correctly proportioned and thoroughly mixed. Lime, silica, and alumina are the important ingredients. Composition of Portland Cement. To understand the technique of proportioning of raw materials, it is necessary to know the following.

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