Is it viable to make a Toreador that focuses on Melee and Celerity? I'm in the tutorial and started as a melee-based Ventrue, but I have a feeling. Clan Toreador is one of the founding clans of the Camarilla in Vampire: The Masquerade. Descended from the antediluvian known either as. Members of the sophisticated Toreador clan have the power of speech; thus their most powerful Attribute is Social, with three points to spend. Toreador also get.


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The Degenerates augment their physical beauty with a sense of personal style, which may take vampire the masquerade toreador form of expensive couture, avant-garde street wear, or vampire the masquerade toreador fashions designed to emphasize their appealing qualities.

Indeed, those gifted with less physical beauty often go that much further with their choice of accoutrements. Haven The Degenerates spare no expense in appointing their havens in luxury, often with many original works of art.

It is a point of pride among Toreador to have an unconventional and thus memorable haven with modern comforts; thus, many have striking lofts and penthouses, while the bolder among them renovate or repurpose everything from abandoned aquariums or deconsecrated churches to rooftop gardens or converted warehouse-galleries in fashion-forward neighborhoods.

Share a communal haven?

Toreador question :: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines General Discussions

Indeed, many are themselves artists or influential among local art scenes or other subcultures. Actors, singers, musicians, sculptors, poets, playwrights, authors, and creative folk of any stripe may well find a home in the Clan, as do vampire the masquerade toreador who serve as patrons to or travel in the entourages of those artistic types.

Character Creation Social attributes are almost always primary, with an even split among Talents, Skills, and Knowledges depending on how the Toreador distinguishes herself. Toreador also love to cultivate Backgrounds. Weaknesses The Toreador fall easily in love with beauty.

Like the followers of Slaaneshthey eventually become desensitized and start seeking more and more extreme sensations. It's no surprise that the clan has the nickname "Degenerates. Thanks to their mercurial nature, Toreador rarely hang around their "close friends" for very long and soon abandon vampire the masquerade toreador for another.

The Protagonist/Toreador

Beauty and style are foremost amongst the clan's ideals. Toreador accentuate their beauty with high fashion. Those unfortunate Toreador who don't meet their unrealistic standards of physical beauty overcompensate with style and makeup.

No Toreador would stoop so low as to share a communal haven. Only the best for them. High-rise penthouses and lofts are traditional, stocked with original works of art, though some vampire the masquerade toreador and renovate abandoned buildings like churches or warehouses into something striking and unforgettable.


When they encounter something exceptionally artistic or otherwise inflammatory to the senses, they have to make a Self-Control test or become enthralled until they can no longer perceive it.

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