Arutperum jothi Arut perum jothi agaval by Vallalar - அருட்பெரும் history in tamil | Thai poosam jothi festival in vadalur | arutperunjothi agaval. Jothi Agaval - The Call Divine is a poem by Ramalinga Swamigal (Vallalar). Thiru Arutprakasa Jothi Agaval Tamil-language literature · Hindu literature. SAINT RAMALINGAM, also widely known as VALLALAR was born in South India on to Arutperunjothi Agaval - Handwritten by Saint Ramalingam.


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This single verse 'Arutperunjothi Agaval' contains the essence of all his teachings and is considered as the vallalar agaval tamil valuable jewel in the crown of the Lord. This Agaval or Call Divine is the longest poem in Tamil containing 1, lines. This outpouring was composed vallalar agaval tamil Vallalar in a single night and at one stretch.

This stupendous effort was not due to his material learning or scholarship but through the grace of the Lord.

There are many great works in Tamil but none can equal this divine poem in its sublimity. Compassion occupies the core place of the Lord. The universe is enlightened by this compassion.

Similarly if man aspires for illumination, he must start his quest from within. This practical way called Anaga neriis the way of Suddha Sanmarga which vallalar agaval tamil to Sachidananda.

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He, who makes his life anew by following this way, finds Arutperunjothi in one and all and paves the vallalar agaval tamil to Universal Brotherhood. Any work of divine inspiration needs divine guidance for its interpretation. Mere scholarship and a great knowledge of lexicon are of no vallalar agaval tamil in the interpretation of such esoteric works.

One has to reach the ninth plane the plane of the soul to find out the true significance of such works. The inner guiding Light commanded me on the eve of first of January to begin this interpretation. A couple of vallalar agaval tamil were taken every morning for interpretation.

The much feared conjunction of eight planets in Capricorn makam took place on February 4th and 5th ofFebruary 4th was a Sunday and also a new moon day.

  • Arutperunjothi agaval (Book, ) []
  • Arutperunjothi agaval

Tamil "Thiraiyelan dhavirthuch chevviyut rangea Tamil Varaiyelam vilanga vayangu sen judarea" The above vallalar agaval tamil lines were taken on that day for annotation. It means that all the obstructing veils were removed and the sun rose splendidly on the mountain tops.

This has rather a special significance. We can observe the dawn of the divine Effulgence from the position of the middle star poosam vallalar agaval tamil Cancer. We are safe in the hands of the divine light, which guides all the planets, seen in the opposite sign Capricorn, the sea-monster.

Westerners were not able to realize this significance because western hemisphere experienced solar eclipse on that day. vallalar agaval tamil


These are only examples to show how the inner reflects in the outer World. The concept of Siva found in vallalar agaval tamil work is refreshingly different from concepts prevalent during the middle ages.


It goes back to vallalar agaval tamil time. They came to known of it with their mind's eye or third eye. The last level of grace is only revealed now through Saint Ramalinga.

Since Tamil language is based on Siva Tatva, it has become a proper medium of expression for divine light.

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But we must remember that Sivam mentioned here can no religion connotation in it. Arutsivam means Arutperunjothi, Sivam contains three letters. The letter Si is vallalar agaval tamil light va is the vallalar agaval tamil of grace or compassion and m is the life experienced in man.

So Sivam means the divine light not only converging into the soul of man but also diverging from there, completely transmuting him into an immortal one in the process.

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