This is one of those books that blows you away. Why? Well, Mr. Pirandello's novel is one of those that will make you doubt about who you are for years. T. Uno, nessuno e centomila e uno dei romanzi piu famosi di Luigi Pirandello. Iniziato gia nel , usci solo nel , prima sotto forma di romanzo a puntate. Trama Bozza originale di Uno, nessuno centomila, capitolo IV. "Scusate ancora", pag. Il protagonista di questa vicenda, Vitangelo Moscarda, è una persona.


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One, None, and a Hundred Thousand | work by Pirandello |

Only by deconstructing yourself, you will be able to open your mind and learn about yourself. Keep this in mind; otherwise, frustration won't let you enjoy uno nessuno centomila appreciate this novel.

Am I who I really think I am? Luigi Pirandello worked on this short novel on and off over the course of fifteen years, beginning uno nessuno centomila age forty-two and ending at age fifty-seven. His output is phenomenal — during those same fifteen years, at the peak of his creative powers, he wrote hundreds of short stories as well as dozens of plays.

The fifteen years to complete this novel speaks to how much care, attention uno nessuno centomila reflection Pirandello gave the subject, his lifelong preoccupation: Ah, the nature of identity.


Do you reflect on the fact that you experience you from the inside and other people experience you from the outside? Or, stated slightly another way, your looks, speech and action independent of your inner thoughts and feelings. Moscarda one, no one and one hundred thousand. Plot[ edit ] Vitangelo Moscarda discovers by way of a completely irrelevant question that his wife poses to him that everyone he knows, everyone he has ever met, has constructed a Vitangelo persona in their own imagination and uno nessuno centomila none of these personas corresponds to the image of Vitangelo that he himself has uno nessuno centomila and believes himself to be.

Uno, Nessuno, Centomila by Luigi Pirandello

The reader is immediately immersed in a cruel game of falsifiying projections, mirroring the reality of social existence itself, which imperiously dictate their rules.

As a result, the first, ironic "awareness" of Vitangelo consists in the knowledge of that which he definitely is not; the preliminary operation must therefore consist in the spiteful destruction of all of these fictitious masks. Only after this radical step toward madness and folly in the eyes of the world can Vitangelo finally begin uno nessuno centomila follow the path toward his true self.

He discovers, though, that if his body can be one, his spirit certainly is not. And this Faustian duplicity gradually develops into a disconcerting and extremely complex multiplicity. Humor is laced throughout, right from the first page when at age twenty-eight Moscarda is informed by his dear wife that his nose tilts slightly to the right, quite the revelation since he has always been under the distinct impression he had, if not a uno nessuno centomila nose, then most certainly a decent nose.

Daniel Gamboa’s review of Uno, nessuno e centomila

Reacting as if he were a dog and his wife just stepped on his tail, Moscarda spins around: Later that very same day, when a friend pays a visit to discuss a specific matter that might involve him personally, Moscarda cuts him off midsentence and asks if he, in fact, is looking at his nose. So we have the first push leading to a progressively more rapid downhill slide, as Moscarda confesses: The sickness that would quickly reduce me to conditions of spirit and body so wretched and desperate that I would surely have died of them or gone mad if I had not found in the sickness itself as Uno nessuno centomila will tell the remedy that was to cure me of it.

And the obverse, how other people construct their own version of his identity for themselves is an unavoidable truth Moscarda refuses to accept, particularly the way his wife Dida has constructed his identity as Genge, her little Genge, a uno nessuno centomila, loveable fool.

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