EN UNA CONFIGURACION, EL METODO INCLUYE LOS PASOS DE: A) CREAR UN Method of forming medical devices; intravascular occlusion devices. Current occlusion requires maximal activation of at least one of the channels. 49 . comunicación se establece a través de canales intercelulares (uniones. Grossissement d'une particule de nuage ou de précipitation par stage of the evolution of a depression which occurs before occlusion.


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uniones de occlusion Such tubular braids are well known in the textile manufacturing techniques and find some applications in the field of medical devices such as tubular, such as in reinforcing the wall of a guiding catheter fabrics. As such braids are well known, they will not require the extensive exposure in this document.

The pitch distance of the wires i. For example, if the doctor forming device is used to uniones de occlusion the channel in which it is to be placed, the pitch and pick of the fabric will tend to be higher than if the device is intended simply to filter the body fluid passing therethrough.

This fabric is a more uniones de occlusion fabric and may take the form of a flat woven sheet, woven sheet or the like. As discussed above, the pitch and pick of this fabric or in the case of a braided fabric, the fabric and pattern yarn, for example, a jersey or double knots can be selected to optimize the desired properties the final medical device.

The wireless metalitos wire must be formed of a material that is flexible, and can be heat treated up to substantially set a desired shape. Materials which are believed to be suitable for this purpose include an alloy with low uniones de occlusion expansion based on cobalt called in the technical field as Elgiloy, "superalloys" high temperature, high strength nickel-based, commercially available through Haynes International under the trade name Hastelloy, heat treatable alloys based on nickel, sold under the name Incoloy by International nickel company, and several graduations other than stainless steel.

The important factor in choosing a suitable material for the wires factor is that the wires retain a suitable amount of deformation induced molding surface as described below when subjected to a treatment by predetermined heat.

Una uniones de occlusion de materiales que cumplen con estas cualificaciones son las denominadas aleaciones con memoria de forma.

A class uniones de occlusion materials which meet these qualifications are so-called shape memory alloys. Such alloys tend to have a phase change induced by temperature will cause the material to have a preferred configuration which can be fixed by heating the material above a certain transition temperature to induce a phase change material.

When the alloy cools again, the alloy will "remember" the shape in which was maintained during the heat treatment and will tend to assume that configuration unless the process is limited.


A memory alloy particularly preferred for use in the present invention is nitinol, which is an approximately stoichiometric alloy of nickel and titanium, which may also include other minor amounts of other uniones de occlusion to achieve desired properties. NiTi alloys such as nitinol, including appropriate compositions uniones de occlusion handling requirements, are well known in the art and such alloys do not require exposure herein.

Por ejemplo, las patentes de los EE.

uniones de occlusion Such NiTi alloys are preferred, at least in part, because they are commercially available, and because they know more about handling such alloys than compared to other alloys known shape memory. NiTi alloys are also very elastic is said to be "superelastic" or "pseudoelastic". This elasticity will help a device of the invention return to a preset expanded configuration for deployment.

The wires can comprise uniones de occlusion standard monofilament of the selected material, i. After heat treatment, the fabric is removed from contact with the molding element and will substantially retain its shape in the deformed state.

The treated fabric defines an expanded state of a medical device that can be placed over a catheter into a channel in a patient's body.

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A distal end of a catheter can be positioned in a channel in a patient's body to position the distal end adjacent a treatment site for treating a physiological condition catheter. A medical device made according to the above outlined can be folded and inserted into the catheter lumen process.

The device is forced to pass through uniones de occlusion catheter and out uniones de occlusion distal end, which will tend to recover its expanded state uniones de occlusion the treatment site. Other embodiments of the present invention also disclose specific medical devices which may be manufactured according to the present invention.

These devices of the invention are formed by a metal fabric and have an expanded configuration and a collapsed configuration.

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