Military radar systems can be divided into three main classes based on platform: land-based, shipborne, and airborne. Within these broad. Radar are classified based on heir primary the below figure Primary radars transmits the high frequency signals toward the transmitted  What is radar? And how many types of radar is used nowadays? RADAR- Basics, Types & Applications. Given below are 6 major parts of a RADAR System: Pulse Doppler RADAR: It transmits high pulse repetition frequency to avoid Doppler ambiguities. Moving Target Indicator RADAR: It transmits low pulse repetition frequency to avoid range ambiguities. Military Applications.


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13 Types of military radar

There currently is only one bistatic radar network set up in the world. That network is set up around the Montreal airport in Canada.


The preliminary results have been very promising, especially in areas like airports that types of radars a good understanding of wind flow. An example of the data is below.

Different types of radar systems | LIDAR and RADAR Information

One can see below in the data the direction and speed of the winds. Uses X-band frequency to sharpen the image of the target.

It detects other small ships, ballistic missiles, ocean waves and approaching aircraft. To get the actual range of the target, the frequency of the transmitted and received frequency is recorded.

The radar model changes the frequency in a linear manner to give room for up and down frequency alternation. Electronically Scanned Phased-Array Radar In this types of radars of radar, a scanned phased-array antenna beam types of radars on one direction scans the area without moving the entire navigation system.


Some can superimpose sonar and map data from GPS position. Air Traffic Control and navigation[ edit ] Air traffic control uses primary and secondary radars.

Since the target position is determined based only on the received power, variation in received power due to other factors gives misleading results. TWS radars scan their beam over larger areas and hence, they types of radars able to see the target even if the track has been broken.

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In TWS radars also, returned power as a function of beam location is measured and accordingly, tracking is done. However, large types of radars scanning makes TWS radars highly vulnerable to jamming. Monopulse scan radars uses single reflector and four feed horns.

Types of Radars

These horns illuminate different sections of the reflector thereby forming two overlapping types of radars beams for two orthogonal axes. These techniques provide higher scan rates, but require extra hardware.

It is normally used on ships.


Since they need to be positioned mechanically, they are inherently slow and require large amount of power. While manoeuvring high speed targets, they types of radars not able to position the radar beam optimally.

13 Types of military radar | LIDAR and RADAR Information

To overcome these advantages, electronically types of radars phased array radars are deployed. They do not have any issue in terms of inertia, delays or problems related to mechanical motion controls. Principle governing electronically steering a beam is the constructive and destructive interference of the electromagnetic energy.

Phased array antennas use number of radiating elements in an array.

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