Trauma thorax adalah semua ruda paksa pada thorax dan dinding thorax. DEFINISI Trauma dada adalah trauma tajam atau tembus thoraks yang dapat. ☆Acknowledgment is made to Dr. Frank H. Netter for his helpful anatomical and physiological contributions. 1From the Surgical Service, Reconstruction. CT Trauma Thorax. Application Examples: Rib fractures. Scan Protocol (See for Technical Factors). CT CAP or CT Chest. Reformation: 3D VRs.


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Thoracic surgical intervention in the emergency room or operating theatre was necessary in only 2. This paper demonstrates exactly why thoracic surgeons are seldom part of the trauma team in the emergency room.

The very specific experience of thoracic surgeons, when available, should part of the extended trauma trauma thorax adalah. Many deaths can be prevented by prompt diagnosis and treatment coupled with an understanding of pathophysiologic factors associated with thoracic trauma.

Chest injury - Wikipedia

With regards to trauma thorax adalah trauma the several points were stressed, according to the recent available literature, for the three levels of trauma care. Pre-hospital trauma life support Assessment of trauma thorax adalah and clinical examination of the thorax respiratory movements and quality of respiration are necessary to recognize major thoracic injuries such as tension pneumothorax, open pneumothorax, fail chest, pulmonary contusion and massive haemothorax.

Clinical diagnosis of pneumothorax, may require immediate intervention, by initial needle decompression of the pleura space 6.


Should this not be successful or there is evidence of pneumothorax, chest tube drainage is necessary. In the absence of hypoventilation on auscultation, or thoracic pain in a stable patient a major tension pneumothorax can be ruled out.

Trauma thorax adalah examination is mandatory trauma thorax adalah avoid omission of progression of a pneumothorax. As tension pneumothorax is the most frequent reversible cause of death in trauma patients with cardiac arrest 7 - 9.

Management of chest trauma

Emergency room trauma life support Trauma thorax adalah of clinical examination in primary survey together with anamnestic information on the mechanism of thoracic trauma will provide information on potential severity of thoracic injury When the extent of trauma cannot be defined it is recommend to perform contrast-enhanced CT scan As the sensitivity of a chest X-ray in the emergency room trauma thorax adalah only Thoracic ultrasound examination is valid when CT scan is not necessary, in comparison with chest X-ray it shows equivalent sensitivity and specificity for diagnosis of pneumothorax 13 - Chest tube drainage is necessary when pneumothorax is relevant, progressive or when the patient is mechanically ventilated 18 Large bore chest tubes Ch.

When should the thoracic surgeon definitely be involved? According to the ATLS guideline this is recommended as follows 1: Indications for an immediate thoracic surgical intervention are 1: Surgical trauma life support Which incision should be chosen for emergency thoracic surgical intervention?

trauma thorax adalah


Clamshell transverse sternotomy and bilateral anterolateral thoracotomy or hemi-clamshell longitudinal sternotomy and trauma thorax adalah thoracotomy will permit better exposition of thoracic organs.

The present study demonstrated that the TRISS, but not the TTSS, can be used to predict in-hospital mortality in patients with severe thoracic trauma; hence, additional prospective studies are required.

Chest injury

Introduction Severe thoracic injury is a major cause of trauma-related death. Various scores have been developed to determine the severity of traumatic injury.


Accurate evaluation of the level of severity of thoracic trauma is important for instituting correct treatment, predicting the need for intensive care, and predicting mortality. Based trauma thorax adalah these criteria, patients were excluded, and patients were finally included in our study.

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Definitions The ISS is an anatomical scoring system that provides an overall score for patients with multiple trauma thorax adalah. Each injury is assigned an abbreviated injury scale score and is allocated to one of the following 6 body regions: Only the highest abbreviated injury scale score for each body region is used.

  • Deaths: Trauma, Thorax - Pathology — Mayo Clinic
  • Deaths: Trauma, Thorax - Pathology
  • Pre-hospital trauma life support

The 3 most severely trauma thorax adalah body regions have their scores squared and summed to produce the ISS score. It is scored from the first set of data obtained on the patient and uses 3 physiological parameters — the GCS, systolic blood pressure SBPand respiratory rate RR — to score injuries.

The minimum and trauma thorax adalah scores are 0 and 7. This index is calculated by summing the results of these 3 components and multiplying them by their respective weights.

It retrospectively applies a logistic regression model to compute the probability range:

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