West Bengal, also known as Paschimbanga, is the India's fourth most populous state, and is located in the eastern region. With Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) as its. West Bengal, situated in eastern India, is a land with a rich diversity. Home to different civilizations and known for its cultural diversity, West Bengal has a great. The list of the 30 selected places are as follows: Cooch Behar Palace. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway ("Toy Train") Hazarduari Palace. Adina Mosque. Gaur, West Bengal. Shantiniketan. Bishnupur Terracotta Temples. Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden with the Great Banyan Tree.


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It is the headquarters for two railway divisions—Southeastern and Eastern Railway.

Kolkata has an extensive road network, due to its status as a major metro city and an economic hub. Pithaa kind tourist places in west bengal sweet cake, bread or dimsum are specialties of winter season.

Sweets like coconut-naru, til-naru, moa, payesh, etc. Popular street food includes Aloor Chop, BeguniKati rolland phuchka.

Top 15 Places To Visit In West Bengal

Folk music in West Bengal is often accompanied by the ektara tourist places in west bengal, a one-stringed instrument. West Bengal also has an heritage in North Indian classical music.

Also prominent are other musical forms like DwijendralalAtulprasad and Rajanikanta 's songs, and "adhunik" or modern music from films and tourist places in west bengal composers. However, since the early s, there has been an emergence and popularisation of new genres of music, including fusions of Baul and jazz by several Bangla bandsas well as the emergence of Jeebonmukhi Gaan a modern genre based on realism.

Bengali dance forms draw from folk traditions, especially those of the tribal groups, as well as the broader Indian dance traditions. Chau dance of Purulia is a rare form of mask dance.

Top tourist places to visit in West Bengal

West Bengal is known for Bengali folk music such as baul and kirtans and gajan, and modern songs including Bengali "adhunik" modern songs. A jatra actor prepares before tourist places in west bengal performance, Sunderbans.

The state is home to a thriving cinema industrydubbed "Tollywood". Tollygunj e in Kolkata is the location of numerous Bengali movie studios, and the name "Tollywood" similar to Hollywood and Bollywood is derived from that name.

THE 15 BEST Things to Do in West Bengal - (with Photos) - TripAdvisor

The Bengali film industry is well known for its art filmsand has produced acclaimed directors like Satyajit Ray and actors like Tourist places in west bengal Kumar and singers like Arijit Singh.

Among other types of theatre, West Bengal has a tradition of folk drama known as jatra. These tourist places in west bengal reforms have eventually led to a cultural atmosphere where practices like sati, dowry, and caste-based discrimination or untouchability, the evils that crept into the Hindu society, were abolished.

Kumortuli is a famous tourist attraction in Kolkata. It is traditionally a potters' quarter in North Kolkata.

By virtue of their artistic productions these potters have moved from obscurity to prominence. This Kolkata neighbourhood not only supplies clay idols of Hindu gods and goddesses to barowari pujas in Kolkata and its neighbourhoods, but also exports a number of idols.

Sunderbans Photograph by www. Bask in the pristine air while being cocooned in the lushness of this forest, and go for a wildlife safari for your most impressive West Bengal experience.

Read More Howrah Photograph by www.


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