There is something in this world which no one has ever seen. It is soft and sweet. If it is spotted, I'm sure everyone will want to have it,' Which is why no one has. Takasu Ryuuji begins his second year of high school trying to look his best. However, there is one thing that torments him: despite his gentle personality he h. Toradora! (とらドラ!) is a Japanese light novel series by Shusuke Amagi and illustrated by Yasu. It was translated into English by Kinny Riddle.


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Toradora! (Complete Novel, 10 Volumes)

He gets to sit in between his only friend, Yuusaku, and more importantly, the girl he's secretly crushing on, Kushieda Minori. Or conversely, that Ryuuji never knew his own father and wouldn't understand why someone wouldn't want to meet their father.

When Minorin enjoyed an indirect kiss with Takasu off her fist, after sending him out after Taiga. When Yuusaku suddenly takes a bite of the crepe Taiga is eating, she gets flustered and impulsively shoves toradora light novel into Ryuuji's mouth, saying "you have toradora light novel too!

She seems to have missed the point that, since she had already been eating it, she forced an indirect kiss with her on Ryuuji. She is apparently so gorgeous that people stop in the street to stare at her and she is even a model in-versebut she looks no different from the other characters in the series.


toradora light novel This is softened a little bit by the fact that she is taller and has noticeably longer legs than the other female characters, a common trait of models, and by the fact that Taiga used to have a similar effect on boys, at least until they learned to fear her.

Taiga and Minori are pretty much depicted as in Toradora!


Taiga is known as the "Palm-Top Tiger", due to her short stature and ferocity. The girls refer to Yuusaku as Maruo, after a character in Chibi Maruko-chan.

Later in the anime, some students can toradora light novel heard referring to Sumire as the "Drill Sergent", due to her strictness. Taiga's nickname for Ami, "stupid chihuahua".

Invoked, and later played for laughs toradora light novel episode The reason Taiga reacts so dramatically at Ryuuji's self-deprecating statements is because she thinks that he's going to jump off the bridge toradora light novel standing on.

She then starts making fun of him until he is about to pour his heart to her A double one in the English dub for episode I'm such a dumbass!


Why did I run away? His character is that of a strong and charismatic leader.

Toradora! (Light Novel) Vol. 1 | Seven Seas Entertainment

Ami Kawashima really loves being in the spotlight and puts on a personality that will make those around her like her with the exception of a few who can see right through her. The art is pretty good. The anime's art toradora light novel better, but the art of the novel is cute, especially the designs for the girls.

Maybe he's out there somewhere. He's still conflicted, however. The first volume of the spin-off series was released on May 10, and compiled four chapters, three of which had been serialized in MediaWorks' now-defunct light novel magazine Dengeki hp between June 10, and February toradora light novel,and the last chapter was written especially toradora light novel the volume release.

A single chapter of the spin-off series, originally published in February in Dengeki hp was included in the second volume of the regular novel series.

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