Ciclos inversos.- Toberas, difusores y medidores de flujo.- Transferencia (o transmision) de calor.- Obras de consulta.- Apendice A: eficiencias y caracteristicas. TERMODINÁMICA SEXTA EDICIÓN YUNUS A. ÇENGEL University of . 1 Toberas y difusores 2 Turbinas y compresores 3 Válvulas. las predicciones obtenidas a partir de modelos numéricos de difusores. Sin embargo, el estudio del flujo en el interior de las toberas de inyección, así de que estos gases afectan las condiciones termodinamicas que dominan el.


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Airflow The movement of air around the chassis of the race car. Anhedral The angle between an aerofoil and the horizontal when the wing is inclined downwards from its mounting.


Apex The middle point of the inside line around a corner at which drivers aim their cars. Ballast Weights fixed around the car to maximise its balance and bring it up to the minimum toberas y difusores termodinamica limit.

Bargeboard The piece of bodywork mounted vertically between the front wheels and the start of the sidepods to help smooth the airflow around the sides of the car.

Definiciones | Diseño Formula 1

Bernoulli Effect states that the pressure of a fluid liguid or gasdecreases as the fluid liquid or gasflows faster. Blistering This is what happens to a tyre, or part of a tyre, when it overheats.

Excess heat can cause rubber to soften toberas y difusores termodinamica break away in chunks from the body of the tyre. Bodywork The carbon fibre sections fitted onto the monocoque before the cars leave the pits, such as the engine cover, the cockpit top and the nosecone.

Termodinamica (English, Spanish, Paperback)

Boundary layer A layer of static to slow moving air adjacent to the surfaces of a moving body. Friction between the body and the surrounding air holds back the flow nearest the surfaces, whilst the air further from the body in the mainstream flows past at unabated speed. Camber An aerofoil with one surface top or bottom curved more than the other side is said to have camber.

Tyre camber is the toberas y difusores termodinamica that the top of the tyre leans into, or away from the car.

TOBERAS Y DIFUSORES by Gelver Yara on Prezi

Track camber is the horizontal angle or curve on a track surface. Carbon fiber Carbon based composite material,that is strong in tension but reasonably flexible. It can be bound toberas y difusores termodinamica a matrix of plastic resin by heat,vacuum or pressure.

It is strong, light and expensive Cd Drag coefficient or coefficient of drag. It is determined by the shape and smoothness of shape of the object.

In this case the car. Cfd Computational Fluid Dynamics.

TERMODINAMICA - CAPITULO 3 by Federico Salazar - Issuu

Equations that are known are programmed into computers. The computers provide solutions to the problem of external airflow over vehicle shapes.

The body of toberas y difusores termodinamica configuration and the space surrounding it are represented by clusters of points, lines and surfaces; equations are solved at these points. CFD is divided into three steps.

Grid generation, numerical simulation and post-process analysis Chassis Refers to all mechanical parts of the car attached to the structural frame.

Toberas y difusores termodinamica pdf reader

Chicane A tight sequence of corners in alternate directions. Usually inserted into a circuit to slow the cars, often just before what had been a high-speed corner.


Cockpit The section of the chassis in which the driver sits. Differential A set of mechanical gears that eqaulises the power between the left and right drive wheels, particularly when cornering, when the outside wheel travels further than the inside wheel. Diffuser Toberas y difusores termodinamica divergent expanding section of a duct which slows down airflow to reduce pressure loss.

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