A decade before it became ground zero for the Swingin' sixties, London was still of the "This is Tomorrow" exhibition and its graphically innovative catalogue. The spiralbound catalogue for This Is Tomorrow was designed by Edward Wright and published by Lund Humphries; out of print since , it has since become. A layout of the original catalogue is reproduced in the Foyle has issued a limited edition of the original This is Tomorrow catalogue.


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This is Tomorrow 09 Sept — 06 March During the s mass production and new technologies were celebrated by the Media. Novel materials were to influence all this is tomorrow catalogue of life, from the daily maintenance of the living space to the built environment as well as the production of art.

This is Tomorrow | Database of Digital Art

The 38 participants formed 12 groups, which worked towards producing one artwork. The outcome transformed the This is tomorrow catalogue Gallery into a vibrant interactive space of installations.

Its art schools and architectural colleges were however already working towards a colorful, less class-stratified post-war Britain filled with modernist architecture, art, and design for the consumer-driven masses.

This generation of forward thinkers loosely known as "The Independent Group" gave birth to the ground-breaking "This Is Tomorrow" exhibition held at the Whitechapel Art Gallery.

This is Tomorrow was nearly two years in the making, after architect and art critic Theo Crosby came up with the idea of mounting a large scale collaborative show this is tomorrow catalogue Whitechapel Gallery.

By the participants were roughly divided into two camps; Constructivist, and the Independent Groupknown for their meetings at the Institute of Contemporary Arts ICA in London with some overlap between the two groups.

This is Tomorrow - Whitechapel Gallery

The 12 exhibits were each produced separately and were independent of each other. After This is Tomorrow opened nearly a thousand people a day saw the exhibit. The catalogue for the this is tomorrow catalogue, designed by Independent member and graphic designer Edward Wright cost five shillings, a high price forsold out and had to be reprinted.


This is Tomorrow is considered to be this is tomorrow catalogue forerunner of the British Pop Art movement. Crosby writes on 8 June that the discussions… are really the point of the collaboration… the exhibition will not be a collection of miscellaneous art works. The This Is Tomorrow exhibition included artists, architects, musicians and graphic designers working together in 12 teams — referred to as "groups" — this is tomorrow catalogue example of multi-disciplinary collaboration that was still unusual.

Each group took as their starting point the human senses and the theme of habitation.

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