The Rover study guide contains a biography of Aphra Behn, literature The Rover follows the escapades of a band of banished English  ‎Act I, Scene i · ‎Florinda · ‎The Rover Act III, Scene iv · ‎Themes. Aphra Behn's The Rover engages with the social, political and sexual conditions of the 17th century, as well as with theatrical traditions of. Enter Florinda, Hellena, and Valeria, drest like Gipsies; Callis and Stephano, Lucetta, Philippo and Sancho in Masquerade. Hellena. Sister, there's your.


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Infatuation The portrait of a world-famous courtesan, Angellica Bianca, is put on display, announcing her arrival in the town. As other men fight over her, Willmore pulls down her portrait to gaze on as he has no money to buy her.

The Rover (play) - Wikipedia

Much to his surprise, Angellica invites him in and, bewitched by his boldness, declares her love and gives herself to him the rover aphra behn free. But Behn, despite the fact she quite probably had to put up with Rochester in person, never makes his avatar a straightforward monster either.

The men in general, though If they see a woman, their first thought is to fuck her by any means necessary. If a man, they'll find any bullshit pretext for a fight, including but not limited to unwillingness to share the rover aphra behn woman.

Angellica is moved by the story, Willmore is only excited and impatient to find out who the woman in question is.


He turns to Angellica and starts describing Hellena as a Gypsy, ugly, a monkey, etc. He tells Hellena to go back to her mistress and says, "Till she be handsome enough to be loved, or I dull enough to be religious, there will be small hopes of me.

Willmore exits with an aside in which he says he plans to try the rover aphra behn win Hellena back.

The plot: The Rover

Scene 3 Florinda and Valeria enter, disguised in different costumes, having momentarily escaped Pedro. Then Don Pedro, Belvile, and Willmore enter. Pedro and Belvile seem to be having a serious conversation.

Willmore follows Florinda when she walks the rover aphra behn, again thinking she is a courtesan.

Frederick comes in and relates Blunt's misadventures to Belvile and Pedro. They all go off to find him.

The Plot | The Rover | Royal Shakespeare Company

Florinda reenters, still being chased by Willmore. Then Hellena arrives and sees Willmore pursuing this "unknown" woman. She sends a page to find out where they go. Scene 4 Florinda ducks into a door to avoid Willmore; it turns out to be Belvile's house.


The page Hellena sent goes off to relay the information. Scene 5 Blunt is staying in Belvile's house.

Florinda enters, sees Blunt and asks him for help. Blunt then attempts to rape her based on his the rover aphra behn contempt for women "be revenged on one whore for the sins of another".

Frederick enters, also convinced that Florinda is a prostitute, and joins Blunt.


Florinda gives them a diamond ring and asks them to consult Belvile. Frederick fears that she might be a lady of some worth and asks Blunt to wait.

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