This was my favorite book as a young child. I still own my original hardcover from the late 70's! (Yes, I'm old. Shut it.) I just remember peeling open the pages and. The Desaturating Seven takes its inspiration from Ul De Rico's colorfully illustrated children's book The Rainbow Goblins, about mythical. Synopsis. Since its original publication in , the fantastic colors, amazing detail, and sweeping scope of The Rainbow Goblins have irresistibly invited tens of.


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This story is a dark fairytale and I would suggest waiting until your child is at least five or six if they are used to fairytales the rainbow goblins seven if they aren't. The very nature of the pictures and the bright almost nightmarish grins of the goblins keep this story in the older kids section.

The Rainbow Goblins by Ul De Rico

The demise of the goblins is just but they are shown drowned in the rainbow colors with one's bottom afloat and one's mouth open and all their eyes rolled back. The Rainbow Goblins was published in in Germany, and was translated into English in the same year by Stanley Baron.

It is a story of 7 evil goblins, each a different color of the rainbowwho travel through the land catching rainbows and stealing their color. The work was praised for its enchanting oil-on-oak illustrations, which vividly draw the reader into the world of the goblins; and its simple story, which teaches children about color the rainbow goblins well as reverence for natural beauty.

Climb up the mountain, jump down, leap over three rivers, go behind a tree, and freeze. You will likely need to call out the plan as they do it to remind them.

Girls, follow this plan: Run around the lake, push through the the rainbow goblins grass, jump over the big boulder, and freeze in a shape. The rainbow goblins, you will likely need to call out the plan as they do it to remind them.

The Rainbow Goblins by Ul De Rico (, Hardcover, Reprint) | eBay

Attack Change the picture on the the rainbow goblins to the goblins looking over the valley, waiting. Have the children wait in their shapes for the command to lasso the rainbow down.

Change the picture to the lasso picture. Circle once, twice, throw! Circle once, twice, throw.

Thames & Hudson USA - Book - The Rainbow Goblins

Change the picture to the goblins getting tangled. Just then, all their lassos fell down, and they got tangled in their own lassos.

As they struggled, they got more and more the rainbow goblins. Have the children pretend to be getting tangled, and then end tangled in a big knot. Change the picture to the drowning picture.

The Rainbow Goblins by Ul De Rico (1978, Hardcover, Reprint)

Just then, the rainbow juice poured out of the flowers. The goblins struggled as they tried to swim in their tangled-up lassos.

Have the children try to move in their the rainbow goblins.

It was all too much, and the goblins drowned. Change the picture on the projector to the rainbow lifting out of the flowers.


How will the rainbow save itself from these evil doers? It may need a little help the rainbow goblins its friends. This story the rainbow goblins first read to me when I was 7 years old in our Elementary school library. I had not thought of it until I had a daughter of my own.

I had come across it when in a bookstore one day and was delighted that the magic of artwork was still appealing to me as an adult.

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