Learning to accurately distinguish the leading of the Holy Spirit is perhaps the greatest challenge we can face. Abiding in the Lord and maintaining a living. These words constitute the classical passage in the New Testament on the great subject of the leading of the Holy Spirit. They stand, indeed, almost without strict. “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.” – Romans This verse presents to us another aspect of the varied work of the blessed.


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23 Bible verses about Guidance Of The Holy Spirit

Again, if there is one major area that many Christians are the leading of the holy spirit on because they have never been taught much about it, it has to be in the area of spiritual warfare, and in the area on how to be led by the Holy Spirit and how to hear directly from God themselves.

If you really study the Bible from cover to cover, God was supernaturally communicating to His people on a fairly regular basis.

And if God is still the same today as He was yesterday, then this tells us that He still wants to communicate to all of us in those same supernatural ways. We just have to learn what those different supernatural ways are — and then learn through a process of trial and error when it really is the The leading of the holy spirit communicating to us, when it is demons, or when it is just our own natural imaginations and feelings talking to us.

the leading of the holy spirit I will break down these 8 specific ways God will use to communicate to all of us under the following 8 captions so you can keep all of these different ways properly sorted out. But before I do, I want to give you some very key verses from Scripture on the Holy Spirit Himself so this part of the walk will not scare you or intimidate you.


Key Scripture Verses on the Holy Spirit The following verses I will now give you are major key verses on the Holy Spirit Himself, and they will all set the stage for you to be able the leading of the holy spirit receive direct supernatural communication from Him from time to time.

Again, I know some pastors are afraid to open up this supernatural realm to their flocks, but these verses all are all straight forward and they are meaning exactly what they are saying.

As a result, I believe these verses should be taught by the churches so their people will at least know what the Bible has to say about this subject matter, and from there, each person can then make up their own mind as to whether or not they want to tread into these kinds of deeper waters with the Lord.

If God did not want this the leading of the holy spirit of information and knowledge in our lives, then He would have never put these kinds of verses in the Bible.

How To Be Led By The Holy Spirit

But since He did, this tells me that He wants His people to have access to this revelation and from there, they can then decide if they want to try and develop this part of their walk with the Lord.

Now onto some very key Scripture verses on the Holy Spirit that will set this kind of stage up for you. You Can Develop a Personal Relationship With the Holy Spirit The very first thing you will need to know if you want to learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit is that you can develop a direct personal relationship with Him just like you already have with God and Jesus.

If the Holy Spirit is going to start to supernaturally communicate to you in a wide variety of ways, then the first thing the leading of the holy spirit are going to want to do is to make direct personal contact with Him, since you are now going to be working very closely with Him if you want to develop this part of your walk with the Lord.

Here are two very key verses from the apostle Paul telling us that we are allowed to have direct communication and direct fellowship with the The leading of the holy spirit Spirit Himself: In other words, the apostle Paul is telling us that we can have direct communion and direct fellowship with the Holy Spirit Himself.


Put those two key words together and they spell one thing — personal relationship. How do we discern between our own thoughts and His leading? After all, the Holy Spirit does not speak with audible words. Rather, He guides us through our own consciences Romans 9: Abiding in the Lord and maintaining a living connection with Him begins with hearing and obeying Him.

God told Israel to obey His written Word and His the leading of the holy spirit.

Guidance Of The Holy Spirit

And certainly no human being would suggest a seven-day march around a city as the most effective form of invasion! But when God told Joshua His plan and Joshua followed it, there was victory. To walk in victory today, you must do the same.

It does not refer to being led by the Spirit in non-moral matters. Being led by your own fleshly impulses. It is the leading of the holy spirit to the battle between flesh and Spirit: Spirit-Guidance What then about the question of Spirit-guidance in non-moral issues? We know that the Spirit inspired the Scriptures and that He leads us into obedience of its instructions, but what does the Bible say about the Spirit giving guidance to individual Christians in the areas outside of the commands of God?

Verses like Acts 8:

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