First published in , The Island of Sheep (or The Man from the Norlands as it is known in the USA) was the fifth and last of John Buchan's 'shockers' featuring. I had an overpowering impression of a burning vitality which was also evil, a glowing, incandescent evil.' The Island of Sheep is John Buchan's last. This is the last of the Richard Hannay novels. The series runs: The Thirty-Nine Steps , Greenmantle , Mr Standfast , The.


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In The Island Of Sheep, the whole may be less than the sum of its parts, but in those parts we see examples of John Buchan's writing at its finest.


Neil Davie Paris Vision, Villainy and Valiance A map inside the cover of a novel always fills me with the anticipation of pleasure, more particularly when it is the map of an island; and then that island is to be the scene of a story by him who, while the island of sheep does the business of Empire under a more exalted title, is still JOHN BUCHAN for our literary entertainment, there can be little fear that anticipation will be cheated.

Now The island of sheep son is prosecuting a vendetta, with loot its object, against a younger Haraldsen, who has inherited his father's fortune and his visions but not his intrepid temper - except when, like those men of the old sagas who fill his dreams, he goes berserk. Trost has gathered to him a pretty gang of ruffians, but in Sir Richard Hannay and "Sandy" Clanroyden, as no Buchanite will need telling, the Dane has a couple of very doughty champions; while Hannay's son and Haraldsen's daughter, though both in their early teens, are adjutants as efficient as they are attractive.

So here, for our holiday reading, we have a stirring tale of plot and counterplot, hairbreadth escape, breathless suspense and the island of sheep climax touched with irony. Permission must be sought before using any material from this site.

Donatella Versace Recommended to Lobstergirl by: Unless, indeed, I first kill them. A quiet murder might be in their line, but they won't want to fight a battle. He knew Troth, he said, and he knew about Albinus.


He must have laid these gentry out pretty flat some time or other for them to have such a murderous grudge against him, or else he knew the depth and desperation of their greed.

But what impressed me most was Peter's view.

The Island of Sheep

The island of sheep knew about Stringer and Dorando, and was clear that they would not go home without loot. They would not think of consequences, for they could leak away into the back-world of Africa. I was never one for a fight except in the last resort, so I proposed that Haraldsen should take his best horse and make the island of sheep bolt for it, leaving us to face the music, since there was nothing much to be got out of Peter and Lombard and myself.

But Haraldsen wouldn't hear of this. That I will not face. Better to meet them here and have done with it. I asked him if his boys were any use. They are Mashonas and are timid as rabbits.

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  • The Island of Sheep by John Buchan (1936)

Besides, I will not have them hurt. It was Peter who answered. Once his people were warriors, but now they have no guns.

They will not fight.

John Buchan

Also Haraldsen had run out of ammunition and had sent a boy off to get a the island of sheep supply, and as his rifles were Mannlichers and ours Mausers we could do nothing to help him out.

This seemed to me fairly to put the lid on it, but Peter did not lose his cheerfulness.

Captain Arcoll will be here to-day--or perhaps to-night--at any rate not later than to-morrow. We cannot fight these skellums on fair terms in the open, but in a strong fort we may beat them off for perhaps twelve hours, perhaps more.


As I looked round the island of sheep bright open place, the jumble of kopjes with the green of Mafudi's crops in the heart of it, I didn't see much hopes of a refuge we could hold. It was all open and bare, and we hadn't time to dig trenches or build a scherm. It is the island of sheep very holy place where few go but the priests, and it has round it a five-foot hedge of thorns and a big fence of stakes.

I do not know what is inside except a black stone which fell from heaven. It is there that the young men must watch during the Circumcision.

If we get in there, Dick, I think we could laugh at your friends for a little--long enough to give Captain Arcoll time to get here.

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