But Rick Yancey's wildly entertaining new novel, “The 5th Wave,” is such Yancey's tale begins with the arrival of a huge, alien mother ship in. Read Common Sense Media's The 5th Wave, Book 1 review, age rating, and Rick Yancey, author of the Printz-Honor winning Monstrumologist series and The. Rick Yancey's entire blockbuster bestselling 5th Wave series is now available in a boxed set—great for binge-reading! In The 5th Wave.


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It follows the story of a girl called Cassie who is one of the few survivors of the human race.

The 5th Wave (novel) - Wikipedia

The human race has slowly been knocked out by different waves of terror: The first wave got rid of all power and light, so planes fell out of the sky and cars stopped working. The the fifth wave rick yancey wave is a plague so horrible that you cry blood and when you die, blood explodes out of your nose, eyes, ears and mouth.

They provide military training to the children, forming them into squads to go on kill missions outside the base. Sam has been placed into a squad led by Ben, a boy Cassie had a crush on, the fifth wave rick yancey with Ringer, a tough teenage girl, Dumbo and Teacup.

While out on a kill mission, Ringer removes her military implant, causing her to register as an Other-possessed human on the squad's scopes. The squad deduces the plan to have them kill real unpossessed humans, making them the 5th Wave. Ben sends his squad into the woods and returns to base, claiming his squad was killed, for the purpose of retrieving Sam, who was left behind.

Ben confronts Colonel Vosch about child warriors being the 5th Wave and Cassie kills Sergeant Reznik during her one-on-one indoctrination spiel. Ben and Cassie find each other and leave to find Sam.

The 5th Wave, Book 1 Book Review

Evan sets off numerous bombs and advises them to quickly find Sam before the destruction of the entire facility. Colonel Vosch and the surviving military evacuate with the human children by military aircraft.

Cassie, Ben and Sam escape, with help from Ringer, just as The fifth wave rick yancey completes the destruction of the base.

Ben's squad is reunited and Cassie ponders the strength of hope the fifth wave rick yancey humanity's driving force for survival. Characters[ edit ] Cassiopeia Marie Sullivan or "Cassie"— the novel's protagonist, is 16 years old, short, and has curly strawberry-blonde hair.

Before the waves hit, she had a crush on Ben Parish, a popular football player.


She later has a relationship with her "silencer", Evan Walker. Evan Walker — a boy from rural Ohio who lived with his large family; he is described as having chocolate brown eyes and brown hair. His family and girlfriend were all killed during the 3rd Wave.

Rick Yancey to write three new '5th Wave' novels |

He has a brief relationship with Cassie. While in high school, Cassie had a crush on Ben, but he never noticed her.


After the 3rd Wave, Ben contracts the plague but is "rescued" by soldiers who take him to Camp Haven. There, he becomes a part of Squad 53 and is renamed Zombie.

The 5th Wave, Book 1

A complete catalogue of violent acts in this book is impossible, but it pulls no punches in describing the effects of genocide. Sensitive readers should be wary. Sex Under constant physical threat, the characters in The 5th Wave have very little time to think about romance or sex.

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