This Star Trek Voyager novel, The Eternal Tide, is one I'd been dreading. To my huge shock, I've found myself quite enjoying Kirsten Beyer's. The Eternal Tide (Star Trek: Voyager) and millions of other books are available . This item:Star Trek: Voyager: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Mass Market. The Eternal Tide is a Star Trek: Voyager novel by Kirsten Beyer published by Pocket Books in August It is the fourth novel in the Voyager relaunch after.


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Book Review: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer

Even with the slipstream technology that the the eternal tide has now, enabling them to the eternal tide far faster than Voyager ever could on its own, it should still take them quite a while before we would get back to any of the places Voyager visited in its first few seasons.

I was shocked at how inattentive this seemed to me to the basic geography of the space in which these stories are supposed to be taking place.


I am very disappointed by this. Well, as I mentioned above, I really liked the exploration of the negative consequences of the eternal tide time-travel changes made in the Voyager season finale. The eternal tide loved the way Ms. Beyer brought the Q Continuum back into the story, and the way she brought resolution to the various never-quite-satisfying-to-me Voyager episodes featuring Q, the female Q, and the son the two of them conceived.

The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer

I loved the new context she gave to the eternal tide whole existence of the Q and the Q Continuum, the way the events of this story re-shape our perspective on what we knew of the Q. Speaking of the eternal tide Q, I was pleased that Ms. I hope these characters are returned to in future books.

She is reluctant to allow these to overshadow her mission, but this becomes increasingly difficult as time passes. The eternal tide one point in the story we're told about an ancient species from a distant galaxy having gone to the outermost edge of the universe.

This is exactly the kind of stuff that makes my eye the eternal tide seem all that much bigger and makes me turn the pages a little bit faster.

The Eternal Tide

I just love that sort of thing. The Next Generation and Voyager's Deadlock from season two. I've noticed it in the books EchosCloak and Dagger and the rest of the Dark Matters trilogy, Cohesion and the rest of that the eternal tide To mention a few examples.

This was, simply put, my kind of story in more ways than one. I've written in previous reviews that I've found Captain Afsarah Eden's past to be intriguing, and here we finally get to discover where she came from and who she really is.

And it's mind blowing. Their attempts to probe it fracture the anomaly, causing parts of the ship to be swallowed the eternal tide. The crewmembers in those parts of the ship encounter Taller and decide they must sacrifice themselves and remove all contamination to repair the anomaly.

The Achilles beams aboard the crewmembers from the unaffected areas of the ships shortly before they are destroyed but Taller refuses to follow suit and the anomaly is merely returned to how it was before Starfleet arrived.

The Eternal Tide eBook by Kirsten Beyer | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Eden orders the ship to return to the Alpha Quadrant while her group and Janeway return to Voyager. Jobin contacts Voyager, admitting Eden was created by something inside the anomaly to fulfill Taller's wish for the eternal tide daughter.

Eden slowly realises the truth: Q and Q create a child to save the continuum in that episode. In the end, Junior not only saves the continuum but the entire multiverse. He and Eden have both been created so that at the right time they the eternal tide bring balance back to the multiverse.

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At one point in the book, Junior even quotes Christ, adding to the themes of faith and destiny in a more direct the eternal tide. Janeway needed to be resurrected at the last moment so that she could help Q and Q see that Junior had to sacrifice himself.

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