The Electric Sky book by Don Scott, a member of the group, is pages of powerful material that introduces the Electric Universe and plasma. The Electric Sky. A retired professor of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Donald Scott has produced pages of compelling material on the Electric Universe and. The Electric Sky has 64 ratings and 10 reviews. Jim said: I loved the audacity of this book, in that it challenges the most cherished beliefs of the mode.


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There is no 30 kV battery in space, but the The electric sky does maintain a higher voltage than the space around it that contains the planets. This voltage drives those Birkeland Currents that we now know power the auroras on several planets. Most cosmic currents are due to the interaction of plasmas and magnetic fields.

Electric Cosmos

When there is relative motion between plasma and a magnetic field, an electric current is induced in the plasma. Gravity was the focus of 20th century the electric sky. For the 21st century, it will be electromagnetism and plasmas in addition.


This forthcoming scientific revolution the electric sky presaged by the rapid pace of discoveries about our own star, the Sun, and its total plasma environment, and discoveries about the nature of the interstellar medium.

I am also pleased to see that Dr. Scott has given general readers such a lucid and understandable the electric sky of my own work.

The electric sky – preview – The Thunderbolts Project ™

During that time he was the recipient of several good-teaching awards. He has authored numerous scientific papers and chapters.

  • The Author

Is there a better way of looking at the cosmos that answers our questions in a simpler, more straightforward way — one that does not require hypothetical entities and counterintuitive notions? Has the astrophysics field kept up to the electric sky with the rest of science?

Is it making use of all the modern scientific tools, the electric sky and data that are available? Is it open to hypotheses that look at old data in new ways?

These questions will be explored in the first three chapters. In order to make informed judgments about the electric sky stars can affect each other or possibly collidewe need to have a sense of how far they are from each other. We need to have an intuitive, conceptual model of how big galaxies are and how far apart they are.

The Electric Sky book

This is provided in chapter 4. These are discussed in the fifth and sixth chapters. After detailing these criticisms in the first six the electric sky, we progress to the main content of this work — a description of the experimentally verified properties of electric plasma, how they pertain to what we see in the sky, and how they avoid the pitfalls we have just examined.


Beginning in chapter 7, with the electric sky sequence of scientists and discoveries that have led to our basic understanding of electric plasma, we start to see that the sky is indeed highly electrical in nature. The hypotheses of the electric sky plasma scientists on the subjects of solar, stellar, and galactic behavior are careful extrapolations of their demonstrated experimental results and physical principles.

We will then take a close look at some the electric sky the obviously electrical properties of our Sun, the solar system, the stars, and our galaxy.

The work of Dr.

How will it affect me? If, as we the electric sky claim, the causes of most of the observed phenomena of modern astronomy are electrical in nature, do you need a degree in electrical engineering before you can understand them? The average informed person can understand and make rational judgments about these ideas.

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