GradeQuick · GradeWeb · Markbook · Marksbook Reporting · Master Grade · MicroGrade · My Gradebook · Pretty Good Grading · Thinkwave · Track My Grades. For teachers made by a teacher. Features Get it! Make your work easier. Features. Gradebook Designed and developed by an IT teacher in his spare time. 1st Class GradeBook is EASY TO USE. The best electronic grading software program! It is feature packed and has a wide variety of reports and graphs.


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ThinkWave Educator provides the functionality of a learning management system with the ability to upload homework and handouts online.

Top 10 Online Gradebooks for Teachers and Administrators

Many file formats are supported including. Homework is available for students and parents to download online. The upload function can also be used teacher gradebook software organize handouts in one place.

No need to email files between home and school -everything is available online from any computer.

FREE Teacher Grade Book Software: Teacher's GradeBook Software program download

Collect homework from students online ThinkWave Educator offers the powerful ability to collect homework from students online. AutoGrade This easy-to-learn program stores information for up to ten classes with 50 students each.


You can send e-mail progress reports directly from the program. Download a free trial from the site, and view a sample program screen.

  • Gradekeeper - Gradebook Software for Windows, Mac OS, and more
  • ThinkWave | Free Online Gradebook | School Management Software
  • Teacher Gradebook – Educational innovation project: digital gradebook.
  • Gradebook Software
  • 1. Engrade

Class Action Gradebook You can use a "wizard" to help set up this grade book! The software calculates grading curves and drops low scores. You can print reports in English or Spanish!

ClassBuilder This free program is a grade book, a lesson planner, and a lot more. Teachers can create tests, assignments, reports, and a teacher gradebook software with teacher gradebook software program.

Interested teachers can view sample screens at the Web site too.

Gradebook Software for Teachers : Electronic Grading Software |

Organize seating teacher gradebook software and choose from many grading options -- including dropping a grade, assignment point weighting, and weighting grades. Teacher gradebook software can view sample reports and download the program online. Two teachers who wanted an online grade book that looked like a regular grade book developed the program.

They provide perhaps the easiest interface and most report and feature rich grading program on the market today with a built in web server.

Teacher's can turn their computer in a webserver to keep students and parents up to date.

It also has a powerful feature to mail those same reports out to the parents and students. With the teacher gradebook software to tailor assessment and evaluation categories to teacher needs, plus an attendance record and lesson planner, this free tool is all teachers need to organize and maintain their records.

Cloud Based School Management Software

Pros the ability to create accounts so students can monitor their progress and retrieve and submit assignments apps which allow you to build quizzes, flashcards and wikis for your students options to create online seating plans, save teacher comments, and keep track of learning skills software is from McGraw-Hill Education, a trusted publication source Cons though Engrade supports a variety of operating systems and browsers, there is the chance that students with older computers may not be able to access the service from home when you use this service you are uploading sensitive information to a third-party server, and must teacher gradebook software parental permission to do so Paid features that come with Engrade Pro include: Thinkwave Though Thinkwave has been around for decades and the software has been streamlined since the early years, not much else has changed.

Thinkwave remains a good choice for keeping track of student grades and communicating student teacher gradebook software to parents.

Pros get your class up and running within minutes of creating an account a variety of report styles when displaying data the teacher gradebook software to distribute and collect assignments online Cons though there are a variety of options for assessment and evaluation parameters, educators outside of the U.

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