These 15 books -- similar to books by Susan Elizabeth Phillips -- include laughter, clever heroines, sexy heroes, sharp dialogue, and. Susan Elizabeth Phillips has 37 books on Goodreads with ratings. Susan Elizabeth Phillips's most popular book is It Had to Be You (Chicago Stars. Jump to Wynette, Texas books - As Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Risen, Glory Hot Shot Honey Moon Kiss an Angel First Lady Just Imagine (revised and retitled version of Risen, Glory ) Breathing Room Ain't She Sweet? Genre‎: ‎Romance.


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Particularly, she became a good friend of one of them named Claire Lefkowitz. Along with her, Susan wrote her first historical romance novel titled The Copeland Bride, and published it in the year under the pseudonym Justine Cole.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Book Series In Order

Soon after its publication, Claire had to leave New Jersey along with her family, which forced author Susan to begin writing her novels all by herself. As a result, she wrote and published all her subsequent novels susan elizabeth phillips books her original name.

Susan met with her husband Bill on a blind date while she was still studying in college.


As of today, they are blessed with two fully grown sons and live happily in Chicago, Illinois. With the success of her interesting romance novels, susan elizabeth phillips books Susan was able to establish herself as a distinguished writer, which helped her to win a number of prestigious awards in her writing career.

Author Susan is the only writer in the history of American writers to win this award for so many times.

15 Books to Read If You Love Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Achieving such a feat has made her a noteworthy author and one of the most respected ones in the romance genre. Many literary magazines describe author Susan Elizabeth Phillips as the provider of the gateway drug to susan elizabeth phillips books romance genre because of the excellent plots of her romance novels.

The Bookpage magazine very well regarded her as susan elizabeth phillips books crown jewel of the writers of the romantic comedy. Almost all the novels written by author Susan have been translated in more than 30 foreign languages all over the world.

They have gone on to sell millions of copies throughout the world and have also appeared on a number of bestseller lists. Other than being a successful author of romance novels, she also feels proud to be a passionate reader, hiker, horrible singer, lazy gardener, passable cook, beautiful wife, loving mother, and a caring grandmother.

Author Susan still continues to contribute to her two highly successful novel series, the Chicago Stars and Wynette, Texas.

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It was actually the third book in the series, but was susan elizabeth phillips books first, by the Piatkus publishing house in the year In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Fleur Savagar is introduced as one of the most beautiful woman to everyone except herself.

She feels that her hands are oversized while her her feet are like a paddle-boat. Fleur Savagar has green eyes and streaky blond hair, and seems to be living a life full of secrets that are expected to have their roots from the time susan elizabeth phillips books she was even born.

People believed that her mother had bewitching characteristics and had left her home in search of a man named James Dean, but instead she came in contact with Errol Flynn.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips - Wikipedia

Now, Fleur Savagar is required to grow up very soon and fight for her survival and the difficult times are expected to make her life miserable very soon. One of the other characters of the susan elizabeth phillips books named Jake Koranda is susan elizabeth phillips books as one of the brilliant playwright and the hottest Hollywood actor in New York.

He seems to have no patience for the glamorous girls because of being tormented, talented and difficult in his own ways.

He finds Fleur Savagar to be a beautiful lady with a smart mouth. But, she is way tougher beyond his expectations. She seems to be determined to discover her true self in spite of all the difficulties in her life. Author Susan has described susan elizabeth phillips books character of Fleur Savagar in the form of an ugly duckling who is not able to believe the fact that she has turned into a big swan.

Also, Jake Koranda is described as a tough guy with a haunted and difficult past.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Now, with the ups and downs in their lives, it is to be seen whether the unlikely susan elizabeth phillips books will be able to meet and trust the feelings of their hearts in the land of broken dreams. It was released by the Avon Books publishing house in the year The plot of the novel is set in Texas, United States and revolves around the happenings in the lives of the main characters named Emma Wells-Finch and Kenny Traveler.

In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Lady Emma Wells-Finch is introduced as the headmistress of the St. They decided that they would write a book together.

With susan elizabeth phillips books luck, they worked their way through a story and Dell bought that manuscript published under the pseudonym of Justine Cole reedited under their real names.

Susan had been bitten by the writing bug and continued to write when Claire moved to the southwest.

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