DeskSet, Link Manager, Online: DiskSuite, ONC, OpenWindows, SHIELD, SunOS is SunSoft's end-user operating system release based on System V. Link editor The link editor is commonly used for compiling a program. The SunOS Linker-Editor begins its process by reading each and every object module. When a SunOS dynamically-linked binary is run on Spring, the libc shared library that is used to dynamically link the binary is actually a copy of 3.


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Chapter 1 Introduction to the Solaris Linkers

Not only will you learn aspects of C in great detail the section on sunos linker vs. The style reminded me a bit of Programming Perl by Larry Wall.

sunos linker Shared Objects Shared objects sometimes referred to as Shared Libraries are one form of output from the link-edit phase. Their importance in creating sunos linker powerful, flexible runtime environment warrants a section of its own. These areas, although separable into individual topics, have a great deal of overlap.

While explaining each area, this document brings together the connecting principles and designs.

Chapter 1 Introduction to the Solaris Linkers (Linker and Libraries Guide)

sunos linker Link-Editing Link-editing takes a variety of input sunos linker, from cc 1as 1 or ld 1and concatenates sunos linker interprets the data within these input files to form a single output file. Although the link-editor provides numerous options, the output file that it produces is one of four basic types: Relocatable object - A concatenation of input relocatable objects that can be used in subsequent link-edit phases.

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Static executable - A concatenation of input relocatable sunos linker that has all symbolic references bound to the executable, and thus represents a ready-to-run process. Dynamic executable - A concatenation of input relocatable objects that requires intervention by the runtime linker to produce sunos linker runnable process.

A dynamic executable might still need symbolic references bound at runtime, and can have one or more dependencies in sunos linker form of shared objects.


Shared object - Sunos linker concatenation of input relocatable objects that provides services that might be bound to a dynamic executable at runtime.

The shared object can have dependencies on other shared objects.

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These output files, and the key link-editor options used to create them, are shown in Figure Dynamic executables and shared objects are often referred to jointly as dynamic objects and are the main focus of this document. Figure Sunos linker or Dynamic Link-Editing Runtime Linking Runtime linking involves the binding of objects, usually generated from one or more previous link-edits, to generate a runnable process.

During the generation of these objects by the link-editor, the binding requirements are verified and appropriate bookkeeping information is added to each object to enable the runtime linker to load, relocate, and complete the binding process.

During process execution the facilities of the runtime linker sunos linker made available, and can be used to extend the process' address space by adding additional shared objects on demand. The two most common components involved in runtime linking are dynamic executables and shared objects.

Dynamic executables are applications that are executed under the control of a runtime linker.

These applications usually have dependencies in the form of shared objects, which are located and bound by the runtime linker to create a runnable process. Dynamic executables are the default output file generated by the link-editor.

Shared objects provide the key sunos linker block to a sunos linker linked system. A shared object is similar to a dynamic executable; however, shared objects have not yet been assigned a virtual address.

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Sunos linker executables usually have dependencies on one or more shared objects. That is, the shared object s must be bound to the dynamic executable to produce a runnable process. Because shared objects can be used by many applications, aspects of their construction directly affect sunos linker, versioning, and performance.


You can distinguish the processing of shared objects by either the link-editor or the runtime linker by referring to sunos linker environments in which the shared objects are being used: The sunos linker objects become dependencies of the output file being generated.

Related Topics Dynamic Linking Dynamic linking is a term often used to embrace those portions of the link-editing process that generate dynamic executables and shared objects, together with the runtime linking of these objects to generate a runnable process.


Dynamic linking enables multiple applications sunos linker use the code provided by a shared object by enabling the application to bind to the shared object at runtime.

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