A Pencil-and-Paper. Algorithm for Solving. Sudoku Puzzles. J. F. Crook. The puzzle Sudoku has become the pas- sion of many people the world over in the past. In this essay I tackle the problem of solving every Sudoku puzzle. My algorithm for making a random puzzle is simple: first, randomly shuffle the order of the. Building a Sudoku puzzle and an efficient algorithm used for solving it in Java.


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Mathematics and Sudokus: Solving Algorithms (II)

It honestly came pretty easily to me, and I had a ton of fun. I quickly decided to minor in computer science, and I just wanted to write more code. The next semester, I enrolled in a Data Structures and Algorithms course which was next in the computer science sequence.

We even sudoku solver algorithm classrooms from a lecture hall to a break out room.

How I came back to an old problem and finally wrote a Sudoku-solving algorithm

For example means that only 1, 2, 3 and 4 are still possible, the rest is ruled out already by the values of other locations in the sudoku solver algorithm.

Does that make it more clear? The main reason for me was performance.


It's faster to check if bit x is set than to try to sudoku solver algorithm character 'x' in a string. It is a backtracking algorithm too, but I wanted to share my implementation as well.

Constraint programming[ edit ] A Sudoku may also be modelled as a constraint satisfaction problem.


In his paper Sudoku as a Constraint Problem, [12] Helmut Simonis describes many reasoning algorithms based on constraints which can be applied to model and solve problems.

Some constraint solvers include a method to model and sudoku solver algorithm Sudokus, and sudoku solver algorithm program may require less than lines of code to solve a simple Sudoku.

An sudoku solver algorithm combining a constraint-model-based algorithm with backtracking would have the advantage of fast solving time, and sudoku solver algorithm ability to solve all sudokus.

This allows for an elegant description of the problem and an efficient solution. Modelling Sudoku as an exact cover problem and using an algorithm such as dancing links will typically solve a Sudoku in a few milliseconds.

Python - Algorithm for solving Sudoku - Stack Overflow

Developing searching for Sudokus[ edit ] A Sudoku with 17 clues and diagonal symmetry. Sudoku solver algorithm 49, Sudokus with 17 clues have been found, but discovering new distinct ones not transformations of existing known Sudokus is becoming more difficult as undiscovered ones become more rare.


Unlike the latter however, optimisation algorithms do not necessarily require problems to be logic-solvable, giving them the potential to solve a wider range of problem instance.

Algorithms sudoku solver algorithm for sudoku solver algorithm colouring are also known to perform very well with Sudoku puzzles.

Such approaches seem to get close to a solution quite quickly, and can then use branching towards the end. The Simplex algorithm seems able to handle situations with no solutions or multiple solutions quite well.

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Constraint programming Sudoku is a constraint problem. Some constraint solvers include an example how to model and solve Sudoku problems.

Solving Every Sudoku Puzzle

We thus move on to step 5 of the algorithm. At this point, it is a good idea to copy the entire Sudoku board with the markup and continue working on a separate sheet of paper. When choosing a cell to enter a number from its markup, it is usually best to choose a cell with a markup consisting of as sudoku solver algorithm numbers as possible why, and what is the exception to sudoku solver algorithm rule?

In our case there are several cells with a markup consisting of 2 numbered.

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