Product: Production of stabilized mud blocks. Application: Compact, strong, erosion-resistant mud blocks for building construction. Feature: The. Stabilized mud blocks (SMBs) are manufactured by compacting a wetted mixture of soil, sand, and stabilizer in a machine into a high-density block. Such blocks. Compacting a mixture of sandy soil with 7% cement and small quantities of lime at optimum moisture in a press results in stabilised mud blocks.


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Compressed earth block

Simple villagers will be able to stabilized mud blocks how to do it in few weeks. Efficient training centre will transfer the technology in a week time.

The selection of the equipment is crucial, but once done properly, it will be easy to use the most adapted equipment for each case.

Its quality, regularity and style allow a wide range of stabilized mud blocks house products.


The foundry waste was utilised stabilized mud blocks with the locally available soil to produce SMBs. Alternatively, other construction techniques like rammed earth and stabilised adobe can be used without the need of a mud block press.

Utilisation of demolished building debris is stabilized mud blocks essential in the present-day scenario. They can be recycled back into buildings. Sign up to receive our newsletter in your inbox every day!

Also, CEB can be made available in places where adobe manufacturing operations are non-existent. CEB can be manufactured to a predictable size and has true flat sides and degree angle edges. This makes design and costing easier.

This also provides the contractor the stabilized mud blocks of making the exteriors look like conventional stucco houses.

Compressed earth block - Wikipedia

Presses allow blocks to be consistently made of uniform size, while also obtaining strengths that exceed the ASTM standard for concrete blocks psi. Insects are discouraged because the walls are solid and very dense, and have no food value Mold resistant: The Cinva Ram is a single-block, manual-press that uses a stabilized mud blocks, hand-operated lever to drive a camgenerating high pressure.

This is fed into a chamber to create a block that is then ejected onto a conveyor. Stabilized blocks can be left exposed with no outer plaster finish. In stabilized mud blocks environments, polycarbonate varnish is often used to provide an additional layer of wet-weather protection.

A CEB wall is heavy.


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