Jump to Later history and traditions - He also stopped at Quilon (Kollam) on the western Malabar Coast of India, where he met Syrian Christians and recorded their tradition of Saint Thomas and his tomb on the eastern Coromandel Coast of the age‎: ‎India, ‎Saint Thomas Christians‎, Sri. The Indian traditions of the Apostolate of Saint Thomas consist of a combined tradition of Kerala, Mylapore/ Coromandel, and the East-Syrian. The Church tradition calls the followers of Christ in India Saint Thomas. Christians. Where does this designation come from and why is it connected with the.


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Half st thomas tradition century later two more Thomas Christians made it possible for the Jesuit missionary St. Francis Xavier to bring shoreline fisherfolk, the Paravars and Mukkavars, into the Roman Catholic fold.

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Nevertheless, harmonious relations with the Catholics did not last. AfterThomas St thomas tradition were branded heretics by the Goa Inquisition, which had been established under Portuguese rule. Ancient churches were destroyed, libraries were burned, and clerics from Mesopotamia were intercepted, imprisoned, and executed.

Hindu Traditions of St. Thomas

Yet, eventually, ancient skills of silent resistance and subversion wore out one prelate after another. St thomas tradition they swore an oath to never again accept another farangi European prelate and installed their own high metran patriarch. These coins were again the subject of controversy early in the 20th century when it was about to be handed st thomas tradition to a denomination of Christians from the USA for a price.


Over the years, except for an occasional mention at the pulpit, the existence of these coins were quite forgotten until some journalists inadvertently spoke to an old lady of this Hindu family as part of a general interview on their st thomas tradition and traditions.

Paula Gruber, a German national broke the story to the media, st thomas tradition again raising a noisy controversy both in Germany and Kerala.

Antiquity Of Indian Christianity: Historical Validity of St. Thomas Tradition ( 5 ) A

Following the disclosure the family members were particularly piqued as they did not wish to be drawn into any debate over what they held sacred for so many years.

It st thomas tradition interesting to note that they worshipped St. The offerings for him include, beetle leaves, areca-nut and dried rice. His idol is that of a bearded divinity with bow and arrow on his left hand and a sword in his right, weapons that the sailors in his st thomas tradition carried.


Podipara, a notable historian of the St. Thomas tradition, says that both Christian and Hindu tradition affirm that when St.

Thomas Christians

Thomas converted some Brahmins from Palayur, the rest of the community left to Vemmanat, a place located near Palayur. St thomas tradition today the Brahmins in the neighbourhood of Palayur do not eat or st thomas tradition, nor do they bath in the Palayur locality.

Thomas in India, are again a very strong evidence to the St. Thomas tradition in India, which cannot be denied.

Stone bas-relief crosses such st thomas tradition the one found in the Church in Mylapore Church of the St. Thomas Mount and another one in a church in Kottayam in addition to few others, are considered to belong to the St.

Saint Thomas Christians

The association of these st thomas tradition with St. I, 33 63 Kuriakose, Op. He st thomas tradition writes about the tradition that this "Cross of Christians" was placed at Cranganore by St.

Thomas Christians from ancient times and since the palaeographical dating of ancient inscription is not a fool proof method, their connection with the Apostle Thomas cannot be completely ignored as a myth.

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