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Prince Of Wands I am a great hunter, a warrior, a hero.

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I will face danger when others do not dare. I succeed at everything I try.


I have had many adventures and tomorrow I shall embark on yet another. I love danger; it makes me feel truly alive, and I love to feel alive. My blood runs hot.

Ace of Wands

I feel the rhythmic beating of my heart in every cell of my body; I can hear its steady thump in my ears. I work hard, I play hard. I love deeply, I hate deeply. My sparks of timeless truth can turn to anger in a flash.

Sparks of Timeless Truth by Emmet Fox (eBook) - Lulu

I love life and life loves me. I get along with everyone, for I have learned to tell them what they want to hear.


My disarming smile gets me out of trouble when I fail to see promises through, and before anyone has a chance to confront me, I am usually off on a new adventure somewhere.

When I love, I love with sparks of timeless truth and soul and mind, but I tire of routine quickly. When the fires of passion cool down, I must move on.

I am tied to no sparks of timeless truth and I savour my independent freedom. Queen Of Wands Follow me and I will lead you out of your darkness into the light.

Court Cards | Tarot Of Timeless Truth

I am the personification of the joy of living. There are so many exciting sparks of timeless truth to do and see, and I will take you places you have not dared to dream of. I bring wholehearted dedication into everything I do. I find sparks of timeless truth in every task, every situation.

I am confident in my ability to create gold from even the basest of circumstances. I welcome you with open arms; all that I have I offer to share with you, for I know that I will never run out of those things that are most important to me.


Together, we can overcome every challenge, climb every mountain, and together we will bask in the morning sun at the summit of our sparks of timeless truth. King Of Wands I am not a tame man.

Although I am a leader, and bear responsibility well, my heart is forever free from the restraints of guilt, shame or routine.

I am the fire behind all new adventures.

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