Your QSetup installation suite is amazing. My only regret is that I didn't find it sooner. Unfortunately we had already purchased a more. This manual also explains how to install the printer drivers and software that . the machine or printer expansion kit*2 and then run the installer on this CD-ROM. Jump to Installer - Installation (or setup) of a computer program is the act of making the program ready for execution. Because the process varies for each  ‎Overview · ‎Necessity · ‎Types.


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Some installers may attempt to trick users into installing junkware such as various forms of adware software setup, toolbarstrialware or software of partnering companies.

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The installation of additional software then can simply be skipped or unchecked this may require the user to use the "custom", "detailed" or software setup version of the installation procedure. As computing environments grew more complex and fixed hard drives replaced floppy disksthe need software setup tangible installation presented itself.


Software setup class software setup modern applications that do not need installation are known as portable applicationsas they may be roamed around onto different computers and run.

Similarly, there are live operating systems, which do not need installation and can be run directly from a bootable CDDVDUSB flash drive or loaded over the network as with thin clients.

Examples are AmigaOS 4. Finally, web applicationswhich run inside a web browserdo not need installation.


Software setup installation[ edit ] On Windows systems, this is the most common form of installation. An installation process usually needs a user who attends it to make choices, such as accepting or declining an end-user license agreement EULAspecifying preferences such as the installation location, supplying passwords or software setup in product activation.

Setup Factory - Free download and software reviews - CNET

In graphical environments, installers that offer a wizard-based interface are common. Attended installers may ask users to help mitigate the errors. For instance, if the disk in which the computer program is being installed was full, the installer may ask the user to specify another software setup path or clear enough space in the disk.

A common misconception is unarchivation, which is not considered an installation action because it does not include software setup choices, such as accepting or declining EULA.

Silent installation[ edit ] Installation that does not display messages or windows during its progress.


Software setup silent installations are unattended but not all unattended installations are silent. The reason behind a silent installation may be convenience or subterfuge.

Malware is almost always software setup silently. One of the reasons to use this approach is to automate the installation of a large number of systems.

Software Installation - Windows Installation - Software Setup | Geeks2U

An unattended installation either does not require the user to supply anything or has received all necessary input prior to the start of installation. Such input may be in the form of command line switches or an answer file, a file that contains all the necessary parameters.

Windows XP and most Linux distributions are software setup of operating systems that can be installed with an answer file. In unattended installation, it is assumed that there is no user to help mitigate errors.

For instance, if the installation medium was faulty, the installer should fail the installation, as software setup is no user to fix the fault or replace the medium.

Unattended installers may record errors in a computer log for later review.

Windows 10, Windows 8. No service packs are required.

Ninite - Install or Update Multiple Apps at Once

Extensive support for installation of bit applications on the bit editions of Windows. Both the software setup and Itanium architectures are supported. On the Itanium architecture, Service Pack 1 or later is required on Windows Server to install in bit mode.

Extensive support for both administrative software setup non administrative installations. Supports creation of a single EXE to install your program for easy online distribution.

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