Find out about the treatments for Sjögren's syndrome, including things you can do and medicines available from your doctor. Prescription medications that stimulate saliva flow include pilocarpine tablets or cevimeline capsules help treat symptoms of dry mouth by stimulating the salivary glands. The effects only last a few hours, so you may need to take several doses each day. The first-ever treatment guidelines for systemic Sjogren's syndrome have been issued highlighting the need to alleviate symptoms, improve.


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Sjogren's Syndrome: Get the Facts on Treatment

Artificial tears Artificial tears sjogrens syndrome treatment be applied liberally for dry eyes. These products are safe and may be used as often as needed. They are available without prescription at pharmacies.


They all contain water, salts, thickening agents, stabilizers, and pH buffers. You may need to apply artificial tears more often if you enter an environment with low humidity such as air conditioned rooms and airplanes.

Artificial-tear preparations with hydroxymethylcellulose or dextran are more viscous and may last longer before reapplication is needed. An example is sjogrens syndrome treatment methylcellulose Lacrisert.

Some artificial-tear preparations contain preservatives to protect against infection. The tears of the of eye come from the tear gland, called the lacrimal gland, which sjogrens syndrome treatment located above the outer eye.

Sjögren’s Syndrome Treatment

Surgery to slow the disappearance of tears by sealing the tear ducts is another treatment option for more severe cases when artificial tears are not sufficient. Drugs that tend to deplete body fluids should be avoided.

Mild pain-relieving medications including acetaminophen TylenolAleve or Motrin can reduce muscle or joint sjogrens syndrome treatment. Two prescription drugs, Evoxac sjogrens syndrome treatment Salagenstimulate saliva production and may relieve the dry mouth symptoms.

For example, avoid sitting in front of a fan or air conditioning vent, and wear goggles or protective eyewear when you go outdoors. To help with dry mouth: Smoking can irritate and dry out your mouth.

Increase your fluid intake. Take sips of fluids, particularly water, throughout the day. Avoid drinking coffee or alcohol since they can worsen dry mouth symptoms.


Also avoid acidic beverages such as colas and some sports sjogrens syndrome treatment because the acid can harm the enamel of your teeth. Sugarless gum or citrus-flavored hard candies can boost saliva flow. Sjogrens syndrome treatment Sjogren's syndrome increases your risk of dental cavities, limit sweets, especially between meals.

Saliva replacement products often work better than plain water because they contain a lubricant that helps your mouth stay moist longer.

Arthritis and Sjögren's Syndrome

For example, let's say you have a defective gene that's linked to Sjogren's, and then you get an infection. Sjogrens syndrome treatment immune system swings into action. White blood cells normally lead the attack against the germs.

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