Size Surge Routine Phase Two, Four Weeks Workout 2. Midback Midrange: Behind-the-kneck pulldowns* 2x Stretch: One-arm dumbbell. My Phase 2 Size Surge Workouts. At week 7 you'll shift to this multi-angular training approach so you get a brand-new blast of muscle mass right out of the. For those unfamiliar with it, the Size Surge program is a week, two-phase variation is also listed in the e-book The X-traordinary Size Surge Workout. 20 pounds of muscle in 2 1/2 months using the Size Surge program.


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You guys call it X Reps. I had visions of training with hot porn stars. Actually, Steve came up with the name X Reps as an abbreviation for extended reps.

He coined that term years ago when we tacked on an all-out static-contraction rep to the end of a set of isolation exercises. He size surge workout 2.0 that version of X Reps in Size Surge 2.

That technique recently evolved into a much more effective version.

Size Surge Workout -

Before we get to that new and improved size surge workout 2.0, tell me about the static thing at the end of a set. For one, we used it on contracted-position exercises at the peak-contracted point of the stroke—for example, at the bottom of size surge workout 2.0 cable crossover, when the pecs are fully flexed.

Some articles in IM on isometric training got us thinking about the concept again. After all, you get more muscle synchronization with compound exercises and therefore more overload. So instead of using a static contraction at the end of a set of crossovers, you decided to put it at the end of bench presses.

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Right, but then we had to figure out the best spot in the size surge workout 2.0 of motion to do the static holds. For the big exercises we wanted the spot where we could get the most force generation possible from the target muscle.

Most researchers believe force is the key growth trigger, so we wanted to overload that spot in the range for as much mass stimulation as size surge workout 2.0 could get. For the bench press you put the X near the top, where you can get the hardest pec contraction. A good guess, but no.

On bench presses the top is almost all triceps. That extra strength is due to the fibers being lengthened and perfectly aligned.

Size Surge Workout

Some stretch in the muscle is best for maximum force production. Hey, I just thought of something. That means you do your X Reps for squats at the bottom, after a set to failure. Are you clinically insane?

No, actually, we do X Reps on squats just above the middle of the size surge workout 2.0. I saw your before and after shots.

The Best Pre-Workout Supplement

You say they were taken one month apart, before you started X-ing and then one month later. It looks like you put on 15 pounds of muscle.


How much did you really gain, and what drugs were you on?

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