For More Books & Music Visit. MurchOna Forum: MurchOna Forum: [email protected] Shuvro by Humayun Ahmed. Shuvro is the 3rd novel character that Humayun Ahmed made of. Read or download Bangla book Shuvro by Humayun Ahmed. PDF file ebook Download from. Humayun Ahmed's pen is successful in science fiction and supernatural stories Humayun has never gone off this trend: Shuvro is a very recent example of it.


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Shuvro Samagra By Humayun Ahmed - Pdf Bangla Book Download

In Shuvro Samagra You will get a suhvro of some books or novel written by Humayun Ahmed based on the shuvro humayun Shuvro.

Shuvro by Humayun Ahmed Despite his not being a professional psychiatrist, people come to him shuvro humayun psychiatric treatment because of his special interest and knowledge in parapsychology. He has written books on math and science also.


Misir Ali is a fictional psychiatrist character. Daru shuvro by humayun ahmed Dip shuvro humayun shuvrl of the most popular of these. Shuvro Samagra is written by Humayun Ahmed.

Humayun Ahmed: The Name of a Popular Novelist | Bangladeshi Novels

Basing this rumour a platoon of Pakistani soldiers come to Neelgonja. The novel abounds all the activities of the Pakistani Army and shuvro humayun collaborator Rajakars — their the deceiving approach to the common people of the village; lustrous attitude towards tender aged shuvro humayun contemptuous view to Hindu religion and people etc.

All the things occur during the fajor, through the daytime to night. And thus the 1st of May of of Neelghonja is demonstrated in It is not a complete novel of the epic episode, but it gives a very heart-felt story about our liberation war.

Though this one is also an incomplete shuvro humayun of our great fight, but conveys a touchy description of a group of shuvro humayun fighter youths in an action. Only five members, who are a part of a larger group who are advancing to attack a group of Pakistani army is the focal subject of the novel.

In the book Humayun has demonstrated the fickleness and dilemma of the Bangali people during the first months of liberation.

The novel deserves some more attention for its technique — in it all the five shuvro humayun have played the roles of speakers and ventilated their inner thoughts regarding the war as well as their personal life.

Popular Shuvro Books

In shuvro humayun context it may be commented that whenever Humayun has innovated some new technique shuvro humayun his novels away from his over used presentation he has been shuvro humayun a little to draw his own readers: Dure Kothao is our next consideration of Humayun Ahmed.

The protagonist of this novel is Osman who is himself an author. Though Ranu does not have anything like relationship with Osman, she cannot tolerate the nearness of these two persons. Human prejudices and complexities have taken a very minute delineation in this novel.

The next novel that we have incorporated into our discussion is Brihonnola By now Humayun has started his Missir Ali series and Brihonnola is one of them.

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In these novels Humayun shuvro humayun presented some mysterious stories that are outwardly inexplicable and at last he has given the hidden explanations behind them. Humayun has proved his skill in narrating this sort of stories: Brihonnola is a well known example. On that night Shuvro humayun narrates the horror story of his own life.

Later on this story reaches to Misir Ali who begins his mission to unveil the mystery and succeeds to detect that Sudhakanta himself is the maker of that shuvro humayun story which he manifested to hide a sexual crime of his own life.

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