I recently had a chance to go through the new fitness program from Eric Cressey called Show and Go Training. Now, as many of you know, Eric. Dear Friend,. Eric Cressey Show and Go Training. If you would like to discover the fastest and easiest way to gain strength, achieve better performance and a. show and go training review There are a huge amount of training programs available that teaches you how to get bigger and stronger but 95% of them fail to.


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The bread-and-butter of the program, all of your workouts are planned for you for the next four months.

Even better, there are options for training either 2, 3 OR 4 show and go training per week, depending on your schedule. The first three are by qualified and reputable individuals within their respected industries. Click here to find out more about these bonuses.

There are many pieces of invaluable advice from Eric throughout the entire program.

Show and Go Training Review

Cressey wants you to get bigger and stronger, but most importantly he wants your body to respond, without pain, to show and go training it is you ask it to do. He wants you to run, jump, lift and play better; and he wants you to do it injury-free. Eric Cressey has done something very special with this program.

Over the course of 16 weeks, I not show and go training made gains in strength, but I felt my posture improve; I felt aches and pains in my back and shoulders disappear; I noticed mobility in my hips and lower back improve; and I felt more balanced.

Show and Go Training Review - Will You Become a Powerful Athlete?

I felt compelled to return to sports I had previously abandoned. This is not just a weight lifting program. They were all useful, and helpful, in my opinion. I felt loosened up and ready to go before I even touched a weight. I always started my lifting show and go training a light sweat.


By the end of the four month program, I was a pro at doing the pre-workout routines. I still got stares from the jokers in the gym wondering if all that rolling and flopping around on a mat was my real workout, but whatever. If you are friendly to them, you will learn the inside scuttlebutt on the good yoga instructors!

Show and go training lifting was the meat and potatos of the program. Front Squat set of 3 2. show and go training

Review of Show and Go - High Performance Training to Look, Feel and Perform Better

Quadruped Extension-Rotation set of 8 per side 3. Front Squat set of 3 4. Scapular Wall Slides set of 8 5.

At times it was tough, but at the end I have become a much bigger, scarier and more powerful fighter. Instead, I improved my mobility, flexibility, fitness and strength in addition to improving my body composition. My 3RM show and go training chin ups shot up 35 pounds, all while I was losing 13 pounds.

I also improved my show and go training time by ten seconds and also improved my vertical jump by five inches. I give this program my highest recommendation. It will be just like coming to Cressey Performance and having me by your side, taking you through each training session to making show and go training that you get results you deserve.

To follow Eric's program you'll need access to a power rack or squat rackbarbell, weight plates and dumbbells. You'll also need some bands, too. A lot of information is presented in this chapter.

Luckily, Eric's writing style is straightforward, down-to-earth and easy to follow. I know a few fitness authors who actually have some really great training programs but their writing style is so scientific that it makes it difficult for them to clearly get their point across to the reader.

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