Baba Mohammad Yahya Khan on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News & Events, including Entertainment, Nishan-e-Pakistan. Notable works, Piya Rang Kala, Kajal Kotha, Shab Deedah, Lay Baba Ababeal. Baba Mohammad Yahya Khan is a Sufi. He is a spiritual mentor of many people around the for his is author of many Books. Piya Rang Kala; Kajal Kotha; Shab deeda; Le Baba Ababeel; Moom ki Murat; Mann mandir Mann masjid  Missing: e ‎| ‎Must include: ‎e. PDF Novel Shab Deeda By Baba Muhammad Yahya Khan. Islamic Book Som e Ramadan Written By Maulana Waheed-ud-Din Khan.


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Sufism is alive and well in India and Pakistan, where Qawwali music celebrates the great Sufi mystics of old, and relishes in the love of the Shab e deeda by baba yahya khan through poetry.

Sung with a powerful and soaring melodious chorus and accompanied by entrancing energetic rhythms of tabla and group clapping, the Beloved is celebrated with ecstatic devotion.

Fanna-Fi-Allah gives audiences a glimpse inside this rich and vibrant Sufi culture, to which many would otherwise never experience.


The groups founding members have spent over 20 years learning this classical art-form. During their 15 years of world-wide touring they have played at many major international festivals.

They have enthralled audiences in the USA, Pakistan, Europe, Indonesia, India, Egypt, and others, with their dynamic skill, and passionate musical precision.

You would have understood who that prostitute was?

Baba Mohammad Yahya Khan

This was the same tablet which I had found hanging in the neck of centuries old skeleton on the last upper story of the tower of light on the shore of Spain. From the middle of that tablet, the place of the sun, a gem was missing. Because of the same tablet strange things happened.

The tablet had been taken from me by the Seth forcefully and he had placed it in his most safe place in the safe and had locked the safe but in spite of all the modern cares and arrangement, all shab e deeda by baba yahya khan properties inside the safe came out under the drawer below the pillow of the Seth, though these things had been within the closed doors and under the several fool proof locks.

These things were recovered by the police shab e deeda by baba yahya khan the matter was disposed of thinking it merely the forgetfulness of the Seth. Only the tablet had come back to the inside pocket of my waistcoat from where it had been taken out.

Shab Deeda

The police could not understand this even. It was only I, the Seth and his wife who knew how all this had happened.

That was the reason I did not hesitate in giving the tablet to the Seth because the tablet was guarded by its guardians spirits. So the same thing happened. Now the question raises was it possible that such thing should happen and in the presence shab e deeda by baba yahya khan seven locks and without any apparent activity that it should come out in such a manner that neither there was heard any sound, or voice nor any thing else was visible or such a thing was against nature, against custom and against human wisdom and understanding.

Can such things happen and had any Dervish, Sufi, the Absorbed, the Person knowing the secret knowledge or the person having the earthly or airy knowledge, or any scholar, or practitioner had the power to bring it out or only by the help of the earthly and heavenly, the low and the upper most helps such things could happen?

Yet the Analysis of the Self, Physics, Metaphysics, the Imaginative Power, the Discerning, the Absorbing Power and such like forces, motives and understandings, there is shab e deeda by baba yahya khan hesitation to recognize them.

Baba Muhammad Yahya Khan

All these activities are helpful in understanding all those things which are beyond wisdom and beyond the manifestations of Nature.

Now the matter is, that the heavenly, of the sky, the mean knowledge and the external help and the other methods can also assist to make these things possible?

In the selected Universities of America, Russia and the Europe these branches of knowledge are being taught and there are great scholars and experts in these branches of knowledge. Astrology, the revelation the face reading, the interpretations of dreams, the sleep, the shifting of ideas, the watching of the apparently invisible, the foretelling, the shab e deeda by baba yahya khan sending the closing up of the eye sights are the minor examples in this respect.

There is such a power within man that man can talk thousand of miles by awakening and controlling them. He can shift his own ideas and can see and listen to the others. Now you may see that the faxc, telephone, television, the wireless are used for talking thousands of miles away.

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