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Sekrety electroniki instrukcja final moments slowly trickle off into the distance, as the remaining echoes make their mark. Aluk Todolo keep driving into deeper black holes and expanding the space around them.

Their instrumental thrash, which borrows from rock, black metal, free-improv and industrial music, is a frenzied and uncontrollable wall of sound.


But their wonderful and evil racket also comes from serious compositional skill. Po co komu narkotyki jak jest Aluk Todolo?

With every track passing beyond five minutes, one can instantaneously imagine how impossible it gets to stay calm in every single song. Speaking of minutes, a curious way to name the six songs sekrety electroniki instrukcja chosen by naming it simply with each one length.

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The frenetic and insanely repetitive drums of the second song will drive your mind into a state of nerves difficult to sekrety electroniki instrukcja stopped. Their songs include different textures comprising also a more melodic, slow tempo side. Have you made your mind yet?


An everlasting struggle to reach outside air; a fight to put your head out from the ground and breed. Some innovations sekrety electroniki instrukcja also noticed, such as a passage of heavier, electric bass, like approaching a more modern black metal essay in the third track.

Electronika 432-D

In fact there are no breaks between the songs, as if the whole record was played sekrety electroniki instrukcja once, giving you a close stage perspective. The guitar fuzz keeps going in the fourth song, pushing the delay and feedback to a more acute tone, almost entering industrial fields, always in an experiencing mode that could blow your mind out.

If we were sekrety electroniki instrukcja classify this album in terms of filmmaking genres it would definitely be a thriller.

A rather nervous one. Colossal in scope and penetratingly hypnotic sekrety electroniki instrukcja its continually unfurling textures, the vinyl version quickly became a compulsory purchase and the unfathomable depths of that album still resonate every time it gets a spin.


And since the sekrety electroniki instrukcja dropped into my inbox, the sustained examination of their back catalogue has been unendingly gratifying and infinitely fascinating Looking into the back catalogue of any band brings with it that risk of there being a lot of shit to wade through.

Whether badly recorded, badly written, or badly played how many death sekrety electroniki instrukcja black metal bands fit that description?

Superczuły mikrofon do podsłuchiwania sąsiadów - zrób to sam (wideo) |

Not even the distance of time or the mirage of nostalgia can make them shine even the slightest. Suffice it to say that long ago, Aluk Todolo set the controls for dimensions and domains that only music can render. And yes, like its predecessors, sekrety electroniki instrukcja is extraordinary.

Again, in the hands of this trio, the musical instruments have defied and broken their bounds and become conduits for some inner, outer and otherworldly force.

sekrety electroniki instrukcja

Electronika 432-D

As this seemingly unending stream of cacophony pours from the speakers, the drums bleed, bawl and bay, the bass intones mantra after penetrating mantra, and the guitar fills the air with ravaged chords, supernatural screams and maniacal bursts of feedback and flurry.

Together, the mystical and the magical are brought into being and the voices carry us over into that fervent and exuberant space beyond the sekrety electroniki instrukcja, beyond sekrety electroniki instrukcja tangible and far beyond the existential.

At every instant, Voix is mind-blowing. Not even the most exquisite poetry could communicate what this album does. To experience Voix is to surrender oneself to the sublime. Review by Jason Guest 10 sekrety electroniki instrukcja of 10 metal.

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