You Searched For: segmento anterior (title) Edit Your Search. chevron_left Back CIRUGIA DEL SEGMENTO ANTERIOR DEL OJO. ARENTSEN, Juan J. Used. se añaden además cambios anatómicos en el segmento anterior del ojo: aumento de la curvatura de la cara anterior del cristalino y del ejeanteroposterior del. oftalmológica subespecializada en cornea y segmento anterior. Externas: Diagnostica y trata las enfermedades de la córnea y del segmento anterior del ojo.


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File:Schematic diagram of anterior segment human eye.svg

Anterior segment ischemia is a serious complication that may occur after strabismus segmento anterior del ojo, particularly after the deinsertion of three or four extraocular muscles, with transection of their anterior ciliary arteries.

However, individual susceptibility and a considerable amount of risk factors also play an important role in the development of this condition, which endangers sight.

A thorough evaluation is essential for each patient. Therefore, knowing the irrigation of the anterior segment along with the mechanisms that produce ischemia of the eye region is very important to assess patients, plan and decide which surgical procedure is best for each particular case, and to segmento anterior del ojo the occurrence of this segmento anterior del ojo.

Review of the descriptive anatomy and its subsequent combination with the clinical picture of this entity facilitates understanding of the pathogenesis of ischemia and raises awareness about the need to institute preventive measures.

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Anatomía y Fisilogía del segmento anterior by Andrea Rojas on Prezi

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