well first off id like to say saula is my #1 pasion in life right now! im appart of , the besdt site for saula fan fiction! Post/review fanfiction while the separate fanfic site is not working. I woke up to a beautiful morning. The sun was peaking out behind the thick white clouds and the wind was blowing creating a nice cool and.


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Saula stories

It helps get your mind off the problem," I practically rapped out. I mean…" she stopped abruptly.

What is Simon going to do? As if reading my thoughts, Paula started again.

Its just a rumor. He would not would he?

  • Saula stories: sexysaula06
  • Saula stories: sexysaula06
  • Forever- A Saula Story, a misc. tv shows fanfic | FanFiction
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  • Fic: A Proportional Response (1/1)

Then I'll tell you if he would do it or not. I saula stories in my head but I instead I said " Paula, sweetheart, you never told me what he is going to do? He got saula stories best friends wife pregnant" I nearly missed the last part.


saula stories I did not know Simon at all but from the way he acted on Saula stories. But then again, she did know his better and they were close. Si owes me nothing. He is allowed to do as he pleased.

Saula stories: sexysaula06

He had no obligations towards me. He was not my husband saula stories less boyfriend and I was not his girlfriend. But why did that piece of disturbing news affect me in this way? Did I feel pity towards the poor guy whose friend betrayed him or was it sorrow for what the future of the child would be saula stories maybe it disgust at Simon's horrid actions.

Forever- A Saula Story, a misc. tv shows fanfic | FanFiction

I could not expressed how I felt or saula stories I felt that way. After all, we were just friends. I don't want this to ruin him if it is just gossip. This has tarnished his already not so great reputation.

I saula stories don't want to see him hurt.

Forever- A Saula Story, a misc. tv shows fanfic | FanFiction

I opened my twitter to find so many tweets saying " PaulaAbdul, what is your response to the Simon Cowell saula stories What did Si do? I scrolled down my twitter only to saula stories tweets that lead me to more questions.

Then I saw it. Simon Cowell is going to be a daddy.

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