What is SAP PI? SAP PI (Process Integration) is an integration platform which provides seamless integration between SAP and non-SAP. Learn SAP PI (Process Integration)Tutorials, free online training material for beginners, free online tutorial course, in simple and easy steps starting from basic to. PI is a component of Netweaver. Want to become intellect in PI? Download PDF tutorial designed by SAP experts with clear content.


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The exam for this certification lasts for minutes, with 60 questions in total. It is held in two languages, German and English. Under the guidance of senior sap pi tutorial, the candidate can get a professional certification, and may look forward to a higher salary package.

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You may have files to exchange that contain your HR data or sap pi tutorial finance data and so and so forth or there may be legacy Shalesh Singh Visen 20 Mar Comments 0 Here you can see the what points we have to be consider when configuring staging for the different processing steps?

Staging should only be used for asynchronous message processing and not for synchronous interfaces. In general staging should be used when t In the standard receiver determination, we used XPath to find out the Receivers in the Cond Shalesh Singh Visen 11 Mar Sap pi tutorial 1 From runtime perspective, what is the difference of staging and logging?

While logging is just an additional persistence step, staging changes the transactional behavior of message processing.

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In general Logging used for message processing if there is a business requirement to store additional versions of the payload for later moni Generally there are two types of communication channel in a scenario Sender Communication channel Receiver Communication channel You must assign a communication channel to a service.

Depending on whether the service is addressed as sap pi tutorial sender or receiver of messages, the assigned communication channel has the role of either a sender or a receiver channel, and must be configured accordingly. You cannot assign a communication channel to an integration process service.

The pipe-line steps are created sap pi tutorial creating the following 4 configuration in the DIR We find the following options: Sender Agreement Interface Determination Receiver Agreement Sender agreement defines how the message of a sender is to be transformed so that it can be processed by the Integration Server.

There cannot be the two similar sender agreements in one landscape. Receiver Agreement defines how the message is to be transformed so that it can be processed by a receiver.

It consists of Sender Component Receiver Interface Receiver Communication channel You use a receiver determination to specify which receivers a message is to be sent to.

SAP PI/PO Tutorial: Process Integration & Orchestration

You have the option of defining conditions for forwarding the message sap pi tutorial the receivers. It consists of Sender Component Sender Interface Receiver Component Receiver Determination is of two types — Standard or Extended, depending upon whether you want to specify the Receiver manually or dynamically by a mapping at runtime.


You use an interface determination to specify which inbound interface of a receiver; the message is to be forwarded to. You can also specify which interface mapping from the Integration Repository is to be used for processing the message i.

You define an interface determination for a sender, an outbound interface, and a receiver. It consists of Sender Component Receiver Component Receiver Interface Interface Determination is of two types — Sap pi tutorial or Enhanced, depending sap pi tutorial whether you want to specify the receiver interface manually or through mapping-based message split.

Receiver Determination and Interface Determination — the two together are commonly known as the logical routing.

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Sender Agreement and Receiver Agreement — the sap pi tutorial together are commonly known as the Collaboration Agreement. In the web page you will find the following links: Technical System — Technical systems are application systems that are installed in your system landscape.

Business System — Business systems are logical systems, which function as senders or receivers within PI.

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