Find great deals for Santon Premier Plus l - l Unvented Cylinder Cold Water Valve Kit Shop with confidence on eBay! USER INSTRUCTIONS. IF WATER ISSUES FROM THE TEMPERATURE/PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE ON THE SANTON PREMIER PLUS SOLAR. CONTACT A COMPETENT INSTALLER FOR UNVENTED WATER HEATERS TO CHECK THE SYSTEM. A guide to the Santon Premier Plus unvented water cylinder including operation and fault finding.


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Santon Premier Plus l - l Unvented Cylinder Cold Water Valve Kit | eBay

Remove thermostat capillary sensors from the pockets on the immersion heater. Unscrew immersion heater backnut s and remove immersion heater from the unit.

Over time, the immersion heater gasket may become stuck to the mating surface. To break the seal, insert a round bladed screwdriver into one of the pockets on the immersion heater and gently lever up and down. Carefully remove any scale from the santon premier plus of the element s.

DO NOT use a sharp implement as damage to the element surface could be caused. Ensure sealing surfaces are clean and seals are undamaged, if in doubt fit a new gasket part number 95 The thermostat is factory set to give santon premier plus water storage temperature of approx.

Temperature adjustment santon premier plus made by inserting a flat bladed screwdriver in the santon premier plus on the adjustment disc on top of the thermostat and rotating. The adjustment range on the spindle represents a temperature range of 10 see Fig 7, page 11 for details.

If in any doubt contact a competent electrician.

Litre Santon PremierPlus PPB Indirect Unvented Hot Water Cylinder

PremierPlus SystemFit has been designed to significantly reduce installation time whilst still offering cost effective mains pressure water heating. Each santon premier plus unit comes pre-plumbed and pre-wired with V central heating controls, pump, two 2-port motorised valves, automatic by-pass and balancing valves.


Visit our Energy Efficiency pages for details on the PremierPlus standing heat loss figures. For details on our pre-plumbed SystemFit range click here.

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