Sand slinger is the term for two different types of machines. Both of which use a short conveyor belt to direct sand, gravel or similar materials to varying locations. Sand Slinger Molding Machine Used Foundry Equipment, Wholesale Various High Quality Sand Slinger Molding Machine Used Foundry Equipment. The molds are made in flasks on the floor of the foundry or on machines standing Sand-slinger Machine The sand slinger achieves a consistent packing and.


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Questions and problems at the end of each chapter can be used as a self-test or as assignments in the classroom.

Flaskless Green Sand Moulding Core Setter; Fine sand slinger project ppt aplanet. As a leading global manufacturer of crushing, grinding and mining equipments, we sand slinger machine advanced, reasonable solutions for any size-reduction requirements including quarry, aggregate, and different kinds of grainding mill manufacture, stone crushers canada, sand VSI5X crusher the latest vertical shaft impact crusher improved from VSI crusher is necessary crushing equipment used in manufactured sand production line, HJ Series Jaw Crusher By analyzing customers requirements and absorbing the world-class advanced technology, GBM developed the HJ series jaw sand slinger machine.

The slinger machine comprises a base 23 supported by a set ofat least three circular track engaging rollers 24 with at least one driven to turn the machine continually about the collinear axes of the ring units and ladle; an upright 25 crowned with supply funnel 26; a rollersupported slide 27 radially movable to and fro as an outrigger support arm carrying on its outer end the slinger head H, from which the lining composition slut stream 29 discharges approximately vertically downward; and a roller supported conveyor belt 44 as a movable bottom for hopper 44b, to transport to the head H material deposited through 26 into 44b.

The driving and control means for turning the entire machine on a track 20, for moving the slide 27 sand slinger machine hence head H radially to and fro, for driving belt 44, and driving the hereinafter mentioned slinger wheel in head H, are not detailed since per se known.

In the slinger head H see FIG. The pendulum-like flap plate 41 is swingable about its pivot axis 40 extending parallel to wheel axis 47a by the motion of the piston rod 42 of a pneumatic or hydraulically powered piston-cylinder assembly 43 secured to the housing in a sand slinger machine clear of blade The plastic lining composition represented by the arrows 29 indicating its directions of motion at various points is delivered by belt 44 through funnel 45 into the housing top region whence it is caught by blade 46 of wheel 47 rotated with a peripheral velocily of from about 50 to 65 meters per second, depending upon the lining composition and the desired compaction thereof.

Sand slinger machine supplier in india

The upper wall of the inlet funnel 45 is formed by a wear plate 67 in combination with a heating plate The latter prevents the adherance of the composition inside of the funnel, especially as the composition 29 is delivered into sand slinger machine funnel 45 with high velocity and thereby impinges against the funnel of the inner sand slinger machine.

The inner circumferential surface of the head housing adjacent the wheel, in the region of material transport by the blade 46, comprises several curved wear plates 69, 69, 69" connected by successive tongue and groove joints and preferably engaged endwise in slots on opposite housing end walls.

Here the first and last plates 69, 69" as encountered in the direction of wheel movement have respective outwardly projecting integral lugs, with the lower plate lug 70 supported on a head housing projection 71, while the lug 72 on the first plate 69 is engaged by a lug 73 provided on the securing screw 74 extending outwardly through the housing wall and there secured.

Also an air venting opening 75 is located in the housing region adjacent to and before the filling funnel 45 as considered relative to the wheel rotational direction.

Sand slinger molding machine used foundry equipment

In the region immediately before the flap plate, there is located the discharge opening ofa moisture supply passage 76 into the housing. In conventional arrangements during normal operation, the composition stream 29 discharges with a constant direction relative to the housing; but here the oscillating flap plate 41 affords a continual change of discharge direction, and indeed to the extent of an inward counter clockwise in FIG.

The oscillating plate 41 advantageously is swung about its pivot axis 40 in a primary oscillating motion having a frequency on the order of cycles or strokes per minute though selectable within a range from 50 sand slinger machine preferably c.

By stroke or cycle is to be understood a complete to and fro reciprocation or swing. It is to be noted that the drive for setting the oscillating plate in primary vibration with high frequency also can be provided through other drives, for example, through a fast turning and adjustable eccentric device having an sand slinger machine or reciprocating rod such as rod As may be seen from FIG.


A pivot stud 41a on plate 41 pivotally engages the link 48 serving as an extension of one end ofa sand slinger machine piston rod 42 see also FIG. Respective parallel radial stops or strikers 50 and 50' are provided on piston rod ends 42', 42 respectively cooperating with piston rods 57, 56 as hereinafter described as adjustable stop means to enable changing the plate-actuating piston rod stroke not only in length but also to mid-point location and therewith similarly changing the angular excursion of the plate To attain this sand slinger machine, parallel to the cylinder 43 and forming therewith a piston-cylinder assembly, there is arranged a sand slinger machine cylinder 51 divided into two separate piston chambers 52 and 52 with respective doubleacting pistons 54 and 55 each having merely singleended" piston rods 56 and 57 extensible from the opposite ends of the cylinder chambers and operated in the manner hereinafter described.

Will “Sand Slinger” be Automated or Replaced By Robots?

The pressurized fluid supply and exhaust line manifold P and T connected to a pressure fluid supply system not shown are respectively connected through fluid reversing control valves 58, 61 and 62 and respective controlled line pairs to the opposite ends of each of the above described cylinder chambers 43, 53 and 51; for example, as shown by lines 59, 60 to the cylinder The control valves 61 and 62 are preferably located at an operators station control panel and have a hold" position sand slinger machine well as two shift positions; while valve sand slinger machine may be actuated by variably timed shifting means establishing a desired frequency of flap plate oscillation as far preferable to attempts at manual operation.

The manner sand slinger machine operation is as follows By alternating settings of the control valve 58, liquid pressure is alternatingly applied and released through lines 59 and 60 to opposite sides of the piston For example, with alternating switching of valve 58 at c.

For flexibility of application the range of primary swing frequencies may cover 50 to strokes per minute.

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