Patron saint stories for baptismal names. Patron Saints' Stories are written so that even children can understand the patron saint of their Baptismal, birth. Get saint information and insight on a wide variety of Catholic saints at Loyola Press. Do the Saints get the attention they deserve? They led incredible lives. Below are seven of the epic stories to be found in the lives of the Saints.


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10 Influential Saints and Their Legends - Beliefnet

Thank you for everything you do. You have a wonderful ministry! God bless you, Gloria Costanza: Thank you so much for taking the time saint stories do this. I was often bothered by my nephew's name not being traditionally a saint's name.

Now I know saint stories is.

However saints are not just related to the Catholic Church, many religions and cultures have identified individuals as saints and we saint stories a culture have embraced those individuals and their life stories. It is often said the church does not make a saint, God does.

Individuals who become names as saints most often demonstrate the qualities of being a positive role model and teacher who exemplifies generous and unselfish behavior.

In recognition, here are the stories of six known saints. saint stories


Perpetua and Felicity Perpetua was a year-old noble and Felicity was her slave. The two women were persecuted for their Christian beliefs in Roman-owned Carthage while Perpetua was breastfeeding and Felicity was saint stories.

saint stories Perpetua saint stories their tortures, and her writings are the earliest surviving text written by a Christian woman. When they were tried, Felicity was exempted from the death penalty because she was pregnant.

Two days before they were to be put to death, though, she gave birth, allowing her to be martyred with her friends and loved ones.


On the day of their execution, the women were first saint stories and then led into an amphitheater, where they were to be torn to pieces by a wild cow. The animal saint stories them, but they were not killed.

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They were then to be put to death by the blade of a sword. It was later said that she was so saint stories a woman she could not be slain unless she herself willed it.

Symeon the Stylite Fasting for a few days is difficult saint stories even the most dedicated religious observer, but Symeon Stylites brought fasting and silent worship to a whole new level.


In fact, Symeon was saint stories out of the first monastery he joined after he abstained from food and water throughout Lent until he completely passed out. Ina short time after the family moved to Dijon, her father died.

On April 19,she received her first Holy Communion: Increasingly drawn to Christ, Elisabeth made a private vow of virginity in Believing that she was called to religious life, saint stories asked her mother for permission to enter the Carmel of Dijon.

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