The Rig Veda. By Anonymous Edited by Wendy Doniger Translated by Wendy Doniger Annotations by Wendy Doniger. The earliest of the four Hindu religious scriptures known as the Vedas, and the first extensive Translated by, Wendy Doniger, Wendy Doniger O'Flaherty. The Rig Veda has ratings and 51 reviews. Riku said: Doniger captures only about 10% (/ hymns) of the Rig Veda here and the verses deemed.


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A collection of disparate hymns to various deities, foremost among whom are Indra, Agni, and Soma, it has come a long way from its roots in the syncretism of Aryan and pre-Aryan Indian religious systems.

While the culture it reflects is a semi-nomadic warrior society that has recently conquered and subdued a settled agrarian and ostensibly peaceful culture of the Indus Valley, by the Upanishadic era beginning in earnest circa BCE the hymns it contains were being reinterpreted along more mystical, spiritual, and even incipiently monotheistic lines.

Doniger does a fair job in capturing all of this in her selections and commentary in this book. It is, alas, not always entirely representative of the source material, however. This is due to an rig veda wendy doniger disposition toward those minute rig veda wendy doniger stupid things modern academics are interested in.

This makes this anthology a very personal selection that reflects the interests and obsessions of the author more than that of the seers of the original Vedic hymns.

The only good thing about these obsessions is that they invoke the most amusing sort of vitriol from certain cliques! From a scholarly perspective, they only diminish the book.


Doniger avoids this outlook and courageously looks at the hymns as and in themselves - giving free play to their focus on ritual, material well-being, and naturalism rig veda wendy doniger showing that the verses are less spiritual and symbolic in nature than normally asserted.

Doniger does not deny spiritual overtones especially when she allows the commentaries of Sayana to be directly put forthbut instead shows that such aspects work nicely with the ritualistic and material aspects of the hymns to set up delicious riddling structures inside the hymns.

Rig veda wendy doniger like there is no avoiding a page tome when it comes to the Vedas, which is what any realistic attempt which tries to incorporate the commentaries would come to.

But I do have my doubts about the "realm of space" in the first verse.

The Rig Veda by Wendy Doniger

That is a concept having much more meaning to the astronomy of our time than to a poet in India 3, years ago. It becomes even more odd followed by "the sky which is beyond" as rig veda wendy doniger separate entity.

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Rig veda wendy doniger speaks of air and heaven instead. Macdonell's translation says air and sky, which is just about the same. So does Ralph T. Wilson is slightly closer to Doniger's solution, choosing the firmament and what is beyond it.

A firmament, the idea of the sky as a dome, might have been shared by the Rig Veda hymn's poet, but it can hardly be taken for granted from the wording of the hymn. The same rig veda wendy doniger for the idea of a realm of space, especially if a sky is thought to be beyond it.


What kind of sky would that be? Primeval Breath Next, Doniger's translation asks: The stirring starts later in the hymn, when the One is awakened. In a rig veda wendy doniger, Doniger explains that the Indian verb she has translated as stirred is often used for the motion of breath.

Life as a force of its own, only later taking seat in some kind of being - the One being mentioned in the second verse. It's somewhat akin to the breath spirit of God moving above the primordial rig veda wendy doniger of Genesis I in the Bible.

David Withun

Still, I find it unlikely, since none of the other translators give any inkling of such a possibility. Also, the One introduced in the second verse seems to rig veda wendy doniger present from the start in that original void, or its birth would be mentioned.

It's what Aristotle would call the first cause, the will that sets the creation into motion. Contrary rig veda wendy doniger previous translations, Wendy Doniger doesn't use an upper case initial for the One.

That might be a democratic streak of hers. She writes "that one". Her reason for using "that" instead of "the" is unclear. Wilson is doing the same in his translation, R.

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