Resolution . Adopted by the Security Reiterating the responsibility of the Libyan authorities to protect the Libyan population and. Title, Security Council resolution [on the situation in the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya]. Publisher, UN Security Council. Publication Date  Citation / Document Symbol‎: ‎S/RES/. On 17 March the Security Council adopted resolution which authorizes the use of force in Libya to protect civilians from attack.


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But we also condemn percent the entrance and interference of America and the West. He also resolution 1973 libya that the Resolution would have a deterrent role for the Gaddafi forces.


What has been the reaction of other resolution 1973 libya We are determined to take all necessary action, including military, consistent with UNSCRto ensure compliance with all its requirements.

We assure resolution 1973 libya Libyan people of our determination to be at their side to help them realise their aspirations and build their future and institutions within a democratic framework.

We are having difficulty in understanding it acting like the enforcer of United Nations decisions…here, the goal is providing humanitarian assistance; preventing heavier conflicts inside the country via an arms embargo; and preventing conflicts via the imposition of a no-fly zone—but not to start a comprehensive war.

Although the US has provided critical support in the intervention against Libya, President Obama, who is reportedly facing growing domestic pressures over the US intervention in Libya, said that its involvement will be limited.

He also reiterated that Gaddafi ought to relinquish power. Resolution 1973 libya final factor which may have influenced Chancellor Merkel and Foreign Minister Westerwelle was the role played by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy in the early days of the conflict.

During the lead up to the invasion of Iraq inGermany and France were jointly committed to staying resolution 1973 libya of what many perceived as an un-sanctioned war. Since then however, relations between Paris and Berlin have deteriorated.

The cooling of Franco-German relations has obvious negative implications for European unity.

United Nations Security Council Resolution - Wikipedia

Joschka Fischer claims that the German abstention could have fatal consequences for the campaign to gain permanent Security Resolution 1973 libya membership, setting the country back for many years.

It resolution 1973 libya also undeniable that the decision has caused a rift with the United States, as President Obama failed to mention Germany in a recent speech to European leaders. However, there are two sides to every coin. At what point do such attacks on civilians cross a threshold of unacceptability?

UN's Libya resolution 1973 is better late than never

What if the attacks are led not by Gaddafi but by an old and trusted ally? These serious, legitimate questions will resolution 1973 libya to be answered, now that a new door of international action has been opened.


First and foremost, resolution 1973 libya League of Arab States called on the Security Council in its 12 March resolution 1973 libya to establish a no-fly zone. I also wish to commend the commitment of the African Union, which has called for an end to the violence against civilians.

Despite these calls for peace, the situation in Libya today is more alarming than ever.

Libya: Security Council adopts resolution | OCHA

We must not give free rein to warmongers; we must not abandon civilian populations, resolution 1973 libya victims of brutal repression, to their fate; we must not allow the rule of law and international morality to be trampled underfoot.

For this reason, France sought to contribute its utmost to the international momentum by resolution 1973 libya alongside the United Kingdom, the United States and others to prepare the draft resolution before the Council. The draft resolution provides the Council with the means to protect the civilian populations in Libya, first by establishing a no-fly zone and by authorizing the members of the Arab League and those Member States that so wish to take the measures resolution 1973 libya to implement its provisions.

Lastly, it strengthens the sanctions that have been adopted against the regime, including implementing the arms embargo, freezing the assets of authorities in Tripoli and prohibiting flights by Libyan airlines.

France solemnly calls on all members of the Security Council to support this initiative and to adopt the draft resolution.

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